Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Wild Wednesday: Morning surprise

Morning surprise

Waking up alone, yet again, I reached for the bedside cabinet, picked up my phone to check the time and smiled, as I saw your face staring back at me from the screen. With the sun beaming through the window I knew it was fairly late but I never expected it to be almost noon but, with a well earned day off from work, I figured one lie in wasn't going to hurt.
Turning my aback on the sun I stood my phone on the other bedside cabinet, stared at your perfect beauty and felt my limp cock begin to harden rapidly. Rolling on to my back, I ran my hand down over my muscular chest, closed my eyes, wrapped my fist lightly around my shaft and began to stroke myself slowly.
I would have given anything for you to be there right at that minute with your soft, perfectly manicured figures, not mine, wrapped around my hard shaft but knew that was never going to be possible. After all we only knew each other through an online website, had never even met in real life, just talked on web-cam and lived on opposite sides of the Atlantic but I felt like I knew you more than I had ever known anybody.
My hand increased in speed, as I continued to wish for your soft looking body next to me and knew that I wasn't going to last much longer. Moaning your name softly I turned my head and looked at you again, still smiling at me and felt my balls tighten and my legs begin to tremble violently. Tensing my body, and holding back for as long as possible, I gripped my cock and stroked furiously, until I couldn't take it any more.
Letting my body relax, and loosening the grip around my shaft, I whispered your name once more, as the first stream of my seed erupted from the end of my cock. Gasping breathlessly I continued stroking my hardness, not stopping until I was drained. With my chest and stomach covered in my own juices I released my shaft and just lay there exhausted, when my phone began to ring.
Reaching across I grabbed it, my eyes still closed and pressed the answer button.
“Hello,” I managed to say, my breathing slowly returning to normal.
“Hiya. Guess who?” The female voice on the other end, almost, screamed.
“I-It can't be,” I gasped sitting bolt upright, the juices on my chest slowly running down over my stomach, as I listened to the voice of the woman I had just masturbated to.
“Oh yes it can,” the woman continued.
“I never expected you to call,” I replied, still shocked to hear her voice. “I was just...thinking about you.”
“Well if you answered your doorbell I wouldn't have had to call,” she giggled. “Now get your ass down here and let me in.”


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