Monday, 7 December 2015

Masturbation Monday: Our first time

First time

Sasha and I had been dating for three months and, because we'd agreed when we first started going out together we wouldn't push each other to make love until both of us were sure the relationship was going to be more than just sex, I sat patiently waiting in her living room, a glass of Jack Daniels in my hand, while she went and changed from the evening gown she had worn for the romantic meal at the city's top restaurant, which I'd surprised her with.
The date was just going to be the meal, a sort of three month anniversary celebration, but as we walked home Sasha had decided she wanted to stretch the night out and suggested a club, so we'd stopped by hers so she could change from the beautiful dress to something more suitable.
After what seemed like hours the door to the room she had disappeared in to, which I guessed must have been her bedroom, opened half way.
“Can you just come and give me a hand with this damn zipper, baby,” she called out. “It seems to be stuck.”
Placing my drink on the glass coffee table I made my way to her room, and froze in the doorway. Instead of seeing Sasha standing there in clothes suitable for clubbing I was greeted by the sight of her standing there in a black lace bra, suspender belt, lace panties, black stockings and six inch black stilettos.
“Well are you going to come in, or just stand with your eyes popping out?” Saha asked seductively.
I didn't need telling again and slowly entered the room, my eyes darting around the room and taking in the massive, ornately carved, wooden bed, gold drapes and gold colored silk bed lined.
“Come here, babe,” she whispered, holding her hands out towards me.
Stepping forward I took her slender fingers in mine and pulled her close, our lips meeting as soon as our bodies touched.
“We've both waited long enough,” Sasha said as we eventaully pulled apart, just so we could get some air.
“Are you sure, Sahsa?” I asked, not wanting her to make a mistake but at the same toime hoping so much that she meant what I thought she did.
“More than ever, if you are.”
Instead of answering I placed my lips back against hers and, as we kissed passionately, she slipped my jacket off and started to undo my shirt buttons urgently, until she could tear it off and throw it to the floor. Once my shirt was gone her hands dropped and she hurriedly undid my trousers, before letting them fall to the floor.
Slipping her hand in to my boxers her soft fingers wrapped around my hard shaft, and she started to slowly stroke my cock, as I slipped my hand in to her lace panties and caressed her beautiful, firm, ass.
“Babe I want you so bad,”
“I want you as well, baby,” I replied, before running my hand up her back and undoing her bra.
Lowering my head as I saw her beautiful breasts for the first time I flicked my tongue over her rapidly stiffening nipples. After teasing hernipples for a few minutes I dropped to my knees, and hooked my fingers in to the waistband of her panties.
“Yes, babe, take them off, please,” Sasha pleaded.
Looking up at her I did as she asked and slowly eased her panties over her thighs, before pulling them all the way down and holding her hand as she stepped out of them. After smiling up at her I lowered my head and ran my tongue along her slit, tasting the woman I wanted to sppend the rest of my life with, for the first time.
Lifting my hand I eased her thighs open a little and kissed my way up each of them in turn, before taking her beautifully trimmed cock, lightly, in my fist and beginning to stroke her.



cammies on the floor said...

That last paragraph confused me quite a bit. The rest of it was sexy

Kayla Lords said...

You ALWAYS surprise me. I did NOT see that coming. But I like it! :)