Monday, 16 November 2015

Masturbation Monday: Conference call

Conference call

Carly couldn't believe what she was about to do, she'd never done anything like it before, but after the night she'd had and the message she'd woken to on her phone she felt all the blood in her body rushing to between her legs.
Following the instructions in the message she eased herself out of bed, slipped on the six inch stilettos she had been wearing the night before and made her way in to her front room. The electricity coursing through her body, as she thought back to the night before, made the tingling between her legs almost unbearable, and she felt herself getting wetter by the second.
Checking the message once more Carly slumped down on to the two seater sofa, placed one leg over the arm and bent her other leg up, making sure her wetness was fully exposed. As soon as she felt comfortable Carly licked the fingers of her right hand and began to massage her swollen clit, furiously, in a circular motion.
Her first orgasm tore through her body seconds later, her screams of ecstasy echoing through the empty house, before she scrolled through the phone and found the number she needed. Pressing video call she carried on massaging her pussy, orgasm after orgasm turning her body to a quivering mass of jelly, as she waited for her call to be answered.
As she closed her eyes, and pushed two fingers deep in to her wetness the phone stopped ringing.
“Fuck, Carly, I never thought you'd do it,” the voice at the other end of the phone said.
“After what you did to me last night...” Carly gasped, plunging her fingers rapidly in and out of her pussy. “I just wish you were here right now.”
“I wish I was as well, seeing you in that state, but I'm in a meeting until lunch,” the voice replied. “But believe me as soon as this damn meeting is over I shall be there. Just make sure that when I get there you are in exactly that position, because I need to taste you so badly.”
“Oh fuck, Kaye, that's all I needed to hear,” Carly gasped loudly, as yet another orgasm ripped through her body, her juices running from her pussy on to the sofa.



H K Carlton said...

Hurry home!

Rebecca Black said...

What Kymmie said! Perfect story for the prompt x

F. Leonora Solomon said...

very sexy as usual!

Christina Mandara said...

Deliciously naughty... and... let's hope she does as she's told! ;)

Kayla Lords said...

Clearly I don't take enough conference calls. Or the right kind. :)