Monday, 23 November 2015

Masturbation Monday: Can't get you out of my mind

Can't get you out of my mind

As the first track on the CD started to play I entered the bathroom, stepped out of my boxer shorts and climbed in to the bath. Gripping the sides I slowly lowered my body in to the water, and slid down until the bubbles covered my abdomen. Placing one arm behind my head, and the other across my stomach, I relaxed to the soft tunes coming from my bedroom and closed my eyes.
As soon as I did you entered my thoughts, just as you did every day I didn't see you, and every night when I tried to sleep. Thoughts of your perfect body pressed against mine as we held each other close, your soft lips against mine as we kissed passionately and your hands gripping my ass as you pulled me as close as possible drove me wild with ecstasy and, just like every other time you were there in my head, my cock began to harden rapidly.
Shifting my body, water flooding over the edge of the bath, I spread my legs a little and wrapped my fingers around my shaft. As I did the images in my head changed and I imagined, wished, it was your hand around my hardness, your hand slowly moving up and down my full length, not my own. I gasped softly as my hand started to speed up, my need to come for you coursing through my body rapidly, and the image shifted again.
This time I was on my knees looking up, in to your eyes, as you placed both hands on the back of my head and began pulling me forward. Poking my tongue out I ran it across your slit, and tasted the slightly salty pre-cum which had seeped from the swollen head of your cock and formed on the end.
As the image of my mouth finally taking every inch of your thickness to the back of my throat formed my balls tightened, and my body begin to tremble violently. Unable to hold back any longer I loosened my grip and stroked myself furiously, until the first stream of my seed exploded from my cock and splashed down on my chest, before slowly starting to trickle down and in to the water.


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Kayla Lords said...

What I love about many of your stories is that I never know the gender pairing until the very end, and it's always a pleasant surprise. Love it!