Monday, 26 October 2015

Masturbation Monday: Wishes can come true

Wishes can come true

As Terri lay back in the bath, the small hand towel covering her eyes, she allowed a smile to form on her lips. After the day she had just had a long luxurious bath was just what she needed, she just wished that Anna was there to share it with her. Fuck she loved that woman so much. Anna had done more for her, taught her more about herself, than any man ever had.
Using the shower to soak her whole body she placed it in the water, so she could reach the shower gel, only instead of placing it by her leg she placed it between them. As the warm water sprayed against her shaven pussy a chill of excitement ran through her body and she slid further down into the water, opening her legs slightly as she did.
Moving the shower head closer she used her free hand to open her lips slightly. Within seconds she felt the first stirrings of her orgasm building up deep in her body and began masturbating furiously, still keeping the water directed at her now erect clit.
“Is there room in there for me?”
Snapping her eyes open Terri smiled as Anna stood before her, completely naked. Her wish really had come true.


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