Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Tantalizing Tuesday Tease: My debut

My debut

It had taken me six months to get myself ready. Six months of hitting the gym, every day, to get in the sort of shape that would be acceptable, and would give me a slim chance of earning the money I needed to be able to pay the rent.
It wouldn't matter how good I looked though if I couldn't give them what they wanted but Damon had promised me, when we were drunk one night, that the money would be great if I could still do the 'party trick' I' used to do back in college.
As I stared at the screen I hoped the chat box would stay empty, a hope that was extinguished within seconds. Suddenly messages began popping up at an alarming rate and as I read them, and saw they virtually all asked the same thing, I knew Damon had been spreading the word about my impending debut.
Knowing exactly what they wanted I turned away from the camera, lay back and lifted my legs over my head. Suddenly all the nerves I had disappeared. Closing my eyes I slipped my middle finger deep in to my ass and began fucking my hole as I stroked and sucked my own shaft, finally removing my lips from around my thickness and swallowing every drop of my seed.



Anonymous said...

Damn, Julez. That was something else. Party trick indeed but I loved the emotional tension and buid up the most as he questioned his readiness. Nice tease.

Raven McAllan said...

wow just wow. So very perfectly descriptive...