Friday, 21 August 2015

Sexy Friday Short: Always read the small print

Always read the small print

The advert at the back of the magazine had been impossible to miss. A full page invitation to the hottest club in town for a night of adult entertainment, the highlight of which was going to be a bukkake party and the advert was seeking males to attend. Hurriedly I tore the advert from the magazine and stuck it to my mirror.
Every day I returned to the advert to make sure I wasn't imagining things and dreaming of what the willing woman was going to be like, until the date finally arrived. After showering, shaving and making sure I looked my best I headed out of my flat and headed for the venue, a new club called Tranzformation.
As soon as I arrived I was welcomed by two stunning women, led to a closed door and told to enter and strip ready. Eagerly I opened the door, thought nothing about the fact that I was the only male that had arrived and did as I had been told . After a couple of minutes another door opened and I stared in total shock as half a dozen gorgeous but totally naked transsexuals entered the room.
“W-W-What's going on?” I stammered.
“Guess you're another who doesn't feel they need to read the small print,” the transsexual at the front whispered, a smile beginning to form on her lips.


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