Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Tantalizing Tuesday Tease: A first for both of us

Tuesday is upon us once again and that means I have returned to tantalize, and tease you once again. 
Hopefully you enjoy my short and, once you have read, I would be grateful if you would click on the image above, at which point you will be whisked away to a magical portal where all my friends will be waiting with a tease of their own.

Thank you

A first for both of us

As I walked in to the bedroom, fresh from my shower, Frankie was already laying on my bed. Naked, apart from lace hold-up stockings, she smiled and began to stroke her cock slowly.
“I'm so nervous, baby,” she whispered, her cock hardening rapidly in her fist.
“I am as well, babe, I've never done this before.”
“Are you sure you want to?”
“More than anything, believe me.”
Ever since we'd began dating we'd always promised each other we would wait until we were both ready, neither of us would push the other in to doing anything they weren't ready for and now, as I watched her hand move up and down her shaft slowly I knew the time was right.
Walking across to her, my hard cock pointing directly at her, I stepped between her legs. Smiling I looked down, reached forward and gently removed her hand, and nervously placed my cock against hers.
Wrapping my hand around both of our cocks I slowly began stroking them together.
“That feels so nice,” Frankie gasped. “Please don't stop.”
“I won't,” I whispered as my hand started to speed up, desperate to make us come together.



Kendel Davi said...

Hot and with a tinge of innocent fun. Very sexy, Julez!

Angelica Dawson said...

I love the tentative moment and the care involved. Great tease.

Mangus Khan said...

I can always count on Julez to push the envelope a bit....smiles ...Well Done !!!

The AfterDark World with Ray Sostre said...

Damn, what a scorching piece you put together, Julez!

Muffy Wilson said...

I loved the innocent hesitation, too. Sweet, halting, tentative yet eager. Very sexy, Julez. xo

Doris O'connor said...

Phew, hot and sweet all wrapped in together. Lovely tease, Julez :-)

Pablo Michaels said...

As I looked at the picture, comparing cocks, I wondered what words you would express. I like the progression and feelings you placed in the first person. It turned out to be a new method of describing their first experience sexually. Your words described the picture precisely.