Sunday, 31 May 2015

Sinful Sunday: Two shorts to titillate


“So watching this is what you do all day while I'm out working is it?” Kelli screamed as she pushed the toy against my tight ass.
Grimacing as the strap-on slowly penetrated my well-lubricated hole I let out a gasp, the pain tearing through my body nothing like any pain I had ever felt before.
“I never meant to look Mistress, I was looking for a job but...” I moaned as she rammed the toy as deep inside me as she could.
“Of course you were,” Kelli snarled as she pulled back then thrusting hard into me once again. “What sort of job were your looking for then? Sissy? Someone's little bitch? Because that's all you're good for.”
“I'm sorry, Mistress.”
The pain in my ass began to give way to waves of pleasure and I wrapped my hand around my semi-hard shaft, desperate to make myself cum.
“Did I say you could touch that?” Kelli pulled the toy completely out of my ass and looked down at me with disgust. “In future you will only be allowed to cum when I fucking say you can, and only then if you have earned the right.”


Her Little Bitch

“Suck it then,” Skye screamed as she pulled my head down even further on to the huge strap-on she was wearing. “If had known you were so pathetic when we first met our relationship would have been a lot more fun.”
I couldn't answer, the strap-on buried right to the back of my throat, so I just looked up at her before continuing to suck the fake cock. Her hand gripped my hair tightly as she continued to aggressively ram her dick into my mouth, each thrust becoming more and more violent.
With my own hardness throbbing between my legs I had attempted to reach down and stroke myself but she had strictly forbidden it. Apparently I was nothing more than her toy now and therefore she would only allow me to masturbate if she was happy with my performance, whatever she meant by that.
Suddenly there was a knock at the door and I instinctively went to pull my mouth from the strap-on.
“Where the fuck do you think you're going bitch?”
Skye thrust into my mouth once again, keeping me where I was, before shouting towards the door.
“Come in Maria, he's so ready.”


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