Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Wild Wednesday: Sex drive

Sex Drive

As Taylor eased his cock from his jeans, wrapped her fingers around his thick shaft and lowered her head she couldn't believe how well life had started to treat her. In the last week she had found a new job, which paid double what she was earning previously and came with a fully modernized penthouse flat overlooking the river and was now heading back to the flat of the guy whose cock she was slowly stroking, whilst he sped through the traffic, seemingly as eager for her as she was for him.
She didn't even have to worry about the secret she had kept hidden from every guy she ever met because, after the way his hands wandered all over her in the club, he must have guessed that she had a cock of her own.
Opening her lips wide she flicked her tongue over the swollen head of his cock, as he struggled to keep the car under control, before lowering her head and taking his full length to the back of her throat. Keeping a firm grip on his shaft she began to bob her head up and down, occasionally stopping to run her tongue up and down his hardness and over his swollen balls.
“Fuck careful,” he managed to gasp as he gripped the steering wheel tightly. “We have the whole night there's no need to rush and get us both killed.”
Looking up at the handsome face, which was fixed intently on the road ahead she smiled before wrapping her lips around him again. This time she bobbed her head a lot slower, savoring the salty taste of the pre-cum that had leaked from the slit in the end of his cock, the desperation to have him inside her making her own cock throb excitedly.
“Almost there,” he moaned as he swung the car to the left and down what Taylor thought felt like an old farm track, each bounce from the car driving his cock deep to the back of her throat.
Suddenly the car jerked to a halt and Taylor felt his hand grip her hair tightly. Pulling her head up he stared at her, a slight smile forming on his lips.
“I won't last until we get to mine I want you right here right now,” he barked aggressively, his deep voice shocking Taylor. “Get out.”
Opening the door Taylor stepped into the dark night and looked around, the road was barely visible at the end of the rack he had driven down, before slipping her hand under her skirt and removing her panties. Just then he appeared behind her, pushed her face down over the hood of the car and lifted her skirt.

“I can't believe my luck,” the man began, before bringing his hand down on Taylor's firm ass sharply, pleased she wasn't able to see the look in his eyes. “Of all the girls in the club I must have pulled the only one with a cock.”


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