Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Tantalizing Tuesday Tease: Room Service

Tuesday is upon us once again and that can only mean one thing, I have returned with another short to tantalize and tease you.

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Room Service

As I placed my hands against the wall of the shower with the hot water cascading over my body I closed my eyes and started to think about Alice and Kelli, the two women I had spent the afternoon laughing, flirting and splashing around the hotel pool with.
After everything I'd been through over the last few months, losing my job and long term partner, the last few hours had been a ray of light in the darkest period of my life and I just wished I'd asked them to dinner, instead of being too nervous and coming back to my room.
Still it was too late now and, with only a couple of days of my vacation left, there was nothing I could do about it. Stepping out of the shower I dried myself off and, after slipping in to the fresh pair of boxer shorts I'd got out, I pushed open the bathroom door to enter my bedroom, and froze at the sight of the two women I had spent the afternoon with laying on my bed totally naked, with their hands slowly stroking each others hard cocks.
“Seeing as you seemed too nervous to ask us for dinner,” Kelli whispered seductively. “We thought you might like a little room service.”