Thursday, 16 April 2015

Tasty Thursday: Rules are made to be broken

Rules are made to be broken

As we sat on the sofa totally naked and with our cocks as hard as they had ever been, well mine was anyway, we stared across the room at the two girls opposite us.
“Well what are you waiting for Damon?” Julie asked.
“Yeah come on. You'd expect us to do it to each other if we'd lost,” Sammi added, her eyes never veering from our hard cocks.
“Come on girls, you can't be serious,” Damon pleaded, his hands firmly down by the side of his thighs. “I've never touched anyone's cock but my own.”
“What's the problem. There's only us four and no-one will ever find out.”
Sammi fluttered her eyelashes at Damon as she spoke, one hand dropping down between her legs and she began to rub her pussy through the white lace panties she still had on.
“Babe, come on...”
“Look if you want to change the rules, to the game you suggested, then me and Julie are going home,” Sammi shouted picking up her skirt, blouse and bra. “Come on, Julie, let's go and leave these spoilsports gagging for it.”
Julie quickly followed her friend, grabbing her own clothes as she did, before the two of them stormed out of the room and dressed in the hallway.
“Christ it was only a fucking bit of a laugh,” Sammi said, just loud enough for Damon and me to hear. “I'd never have made them go through with it.”
With that the front door opened and quickly slammed as the two of them stormed out leaving Damon and me naked, our cocks still rock hard, staring at each other. Within seconds, and once we had heard the tap-tap of their stilettos getting fainter as they went down the path, the two of us began to smile at each.
“Thank fuck for that. I thought they'd never leave,” I whispered as I reached forward and wrapped my fingers around Damon's hard cock, before doing the same to my own and, slowly, I began to stroke us both as Damon put his head back and closed his eyes.


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