Monday, 13 April 2015

Masturbation Monday: There's a first time for everything

There's a first time for everything

The day I found Tanya's stash of sex toys was the day masturbation, for me, changed forever. For months I had pleaded with her to be more adventurous in the bedroom, even offering my ass to her to do with as she pleased but, instead of being turned on by the idea she was repulsed. Tanya had accused me of fancying guys, being gay and not being turned on by her anymore but all I wanted was to try something different.
Then, one day after she had gone to work, I was tidying our bedroom when my foot stepped on something poking out from under her side of the bed. Bending down I was shocked to find a thick, eight inch, sex toy.
Picking it up I turned it over and over and my hands and saw that it was made to look exactly like a real cock, with veins, the slit in the end and balls. It also had a rubber sucker on the end which was obviously meant to secure it on any suitable surface, so it could be used hands free.
As I continued to stare at the toy I didn't know what to feel. Was she using the toy because I no longer satisfied her? Did she think of someone else as she was using the toy? My head began filling with all these negative thoughts yet the longer I held the toy, thinking about things, the harder my cock became. That was when the idea struck me.
Looking through her bedside cabinet I found a half-empty tube of lubrication, removed it and headed down stairs. With the toy and lube still in my hand I switched the PC on, closed the curtains, placed the items on the coffee table and hurriedly removed my clothes.
Once I was naked I typed what I was looked for into the search engine, clicked on the first link that came up and sat on the sofa. As the video began I took my semi-hard cock in my hand and began slowly stroking myself, until I was fully hard. As soon as I was I reached fro the toy and lube, placed the toy next to me and opened the lube. Squeezing a generous amount into the palm of my hand, I would have to replace the tube before she found it was missing, I slipped my hand under my body and massaged the cold, jelly-like substance all over my ass, making sure my tight hole was completely covered.
Once I felt like I was ready, with the scene I was about to live out for real playing on the screen, I picked up the toy and pressed it against my virgin hole. Stroking my cock slowly, my eyes never left the screen and I began to press the molded head of the toy against my ass.
At first I couldn't get the toy to enter me but, after opening my legs even wider, the head finally broke through my defenses and I let out a loud gasp. The pain was unbelievable and I stopped. Hoping the pain would lessen I continued to stroke my hard shaft, the head of the toy nestled just inside my ass, threw my head back and closed my eyes.
After a couple of minutes I took a deep breath and began to ease the toy deeper into my ass, wincing at the new pain I was experiencing but, at thye same time, feeling an ecstasy that I had never felt before. My whole body felt like it was on fire but, as my stroking became faster and more erratic, the further I pushed the toy in to myself.
I was determined to take it all before I came, which I knew wasn't going to be long and pushed harder and deeper, ignoring the pain. I only stopped pushing when I felt the toy hit my prostate, the waves of pleasure washing over me as it did like nothing I had ever felt before and I felt my balls tighten as my whole body started to tremble.
Masturbating furiously, sweat pouring from every pore on my body, I slowly pulled the toy back before ramming it fully in to my ass and that was all it took. As the toy hit my g-spot once again my cock twitched violently in my hand and, as I gasped loudly, I began to cum.
Gripping my cock tightly, stroking furiously, the first thick stream of the milky-colored liquid splashed down on my chest. With each further twitch more and more cum splattered on to my body and, as it did, I started to fuck my ass faster and harder with the toy, screaming and moaning louder and louder each time it hit that spot.
Eventually I had nothing more to give and, as the last drop of cum hung weakly from the end of my shaft I let my hand fall from my cock, released my grip on the sex toy and just lay there with my eyes closed, my chest covered in my own seed and the toy still buried deep in my ass.
I must have fallen asleep in that position, for how long I hadn't got a clue, because the next thing I heard was the front door closing, Tanya calling out my name and her footsteps getting closer and closer to the front room.


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