Monday, 30 March 2015

Masturbation Monday: The strangest morning of my life

The strangest morning of my life

Ever since the first time I caught a fleeting glimpse of your beauty, as I was scanning the internet while bored, I had searched every day to see more and more of you. Everything about you was perfect and I just couldn't resist you.
Your long hair hung loosely around your shoulders, some days it was straight yet others slightly curled, your skin blemish free and slightly tanned. Your firm, full, breasts and large swollen nipples always causing a swelling between my legs, a swelling that I frequently stroked furiously, until I came, while dreaming it was your hand around my cock.
Yet that was all it would ever be, a dream. I knew a woman like you would have never seen anything more in me than just another fan, even if we did ever meet, which I also knew was never likely to happen. You lived thousands of miles away, In the US, while I was just a single guy, struggling to make a living and living in a one bedroom flat in a small town in the UK.
Sitting naked in front of my PC yet again, which was one of the only benefits of living alone, I found myself flicking through some new images of you I had found, on yet another new site. As I did I wrapped my hand around my hardening cock, closed my eyes and slowly began stroking my hardness, once again dreaming my hand was yours, when I was shocked to hear a soft female voice.
“That looks so good,” the voice whispered softly. “Please don't stop I want to see you come.”
Snapping my eyes open I let go of my cock and spun around, only to find that I was, unsurprisingly, alone. Confused I was about to stand up, to check my flat, when the voice spoke up again.
“It's okay we're alone, it's just you and me,” the voice whispered. “Just like it's been every other day.”
Slightly scared I walked over to the window and peered out in to the darkness, there was no-one down on the street, so what the fuck was going on.
“Babe, come back, I'm waiting.”
“W-W-where the fuck are you?” I stammered nervously.
“Where I always am, just here.”
“W-Where the f-f-uck is here?”
“The same place I am every day, right in front of you.”
Turning towards the only thing that was on, my PC, I saw the woman of my dreams was still there, staring back at me, only the image on the screen wasn't the one I had began stroking myself to, and that was when I suddenly saw her lips move.
“Well are you coming back or not?”
Cautiously I walked backed over to my PC, never letting my eyes leave the screen, hoping to see her speak again yet my dream woman stared back at me from the screen, silently and with a small, seductive, smile on her lips, waiting patiently for me to sit back down, which I slowly did.
“Now where were we?” She asked as I stared, dumbfounded, at her face. “Oh I remember, you were entertaining me, for a change. Well what are you waiting for?”
“W-What do you mean?” I heard myself asking, my voice still trembling nervously.
“I think you know what I mean, Mason,” she whispered, before running her tongue slowly over her lips.
“H-H-How do you know my name?” I stammered, shocked.
“The same way you know mine, the internet is a wonderful thing,” she whispered. “Don't you agree?”
“But nothing, Mason. Now carry on and let me watch you, just like you enjoy watching me.”
As she spoke she smiled and ran her hands slowly across her firm breasts, pausing only to pinch her nipples, as if she knew that I would instantly get hard again, which I did.
“Mm, that's a lot better.”
The soft, seductive, tone of her voice was driving me wild and that combined with the look of pure lust in her eyes had me reaching down for my hardness once again. Wrapping my hand, lightly, around my shaft I began to stroke myself as she watched me from behind the screen, one of her hands suddenly dropping from view.
The look on her face changed and, knowing where she had let her hand come to a rest, I began to stroke my hardness faster and faster. Unable to control myself any longer, and with my legs trembling violently and with my balls tighter in their sac than I could ever remember, I let out a load gasp.
Closing my eyes I felt my hardness twitch in my fist, just before the first stream of seed exploded from my cock. Moaning her name, as I felt the thick, milky, liquid splash down on to my chest, I opened my eyes and saw her staring back at me.
“Fuck, Mason, I have been waiting to see that for so long,” she whispered, lifting her hand back in to view and, slowly, slipping her fingers in to her mouth.
Once I finished coming and with my body still trembling, only now with exhaustion, I felt myself smile at the screen. Opening my mouth to speak, as she took her fingers from her mouth, she cut me off and spoke first.
“Hopefully we can do this again, Mason,” she whispered as she smiled back at me, before my screen suddenly went black.


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