Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Wicked Wednesday: A gift from Santa

Welcome to day three of my naughty but nice Christmas week, and don't forget to make a few minutes spare to come back tomorrow for Christmas Day's offering.

Hope you enjoy my short tale and all have a very happy and safe Christmas

A gift from Santa

“Well, Tara, that's it for another year,” I groaned, slumping down on to my chair.
“Don't be so grumpy you miserable sod,” Tara replied. “We seem to get busier and busier every year.”
Reaching under my chair I retrieved the Jack Daniels I'd hidden at the start of the day, took a large mouthful then offered the bottle to Tara.
“No thanks, JD goes straight to my head.”
“Now who's the one being grumpy?” I laughed, taking another large mouthful.
“You cheeky bastard. Give me that bottle.”
Reaching forward Tara snatched the bottle from me hand, held it to her lips and threw her head back. Watching as she gulped down the JD, like it was water I stared, open mouthed. For someone who had only just said no, because of the effect it had on her, she drank like a fish.
“Damn that's good.”
Tara pulled the bottle from her mouth, licked her lips slowly and offered it back to me. Seeing the way she had run her tongue around her lips had caused my cock to stiffen under my trousers, and I reached for the bottle without looking. Keeping my eyes fixed on her I took another mouthful, and handed the bottle back.
“Are you trying to get me drunk?” Tara asked, giggling, as she took another mouthful.
“As if I would,” I smirked back, the hardness in my trousers becoming unbearable.
Shifting my weight, to hide my obvious erection, I noticed Tara staring, with a smile on her face.
“Drink doesn't seem to give you any problems, I see,” Tara whispered, before moving next to me.
Before I could respond she reached forward, placed her hand over my hardness and began to massage me through my trousers.
“Fuck, Tara, what are you playing at?”
“I should think that's obvious,” she replied, removing her hand and then slipping it down my trousers.
Gasping as her fingers found, and wrapped themselves, around my shaft I threw my head back and slid down in my chair.
“That feels so good,Tara,” I managed to gasp, as she slowly stroked my hardness for a few minutes before removing her hand.
Standing up she turned to face me, gripped the waistband of my Santa suit and whipped my trousers down just far enough to expose my hard cock. Bending her head Tara flicked her tongue, slowly, along the slit in the end of my cock before taking me to the back of her throat a couple of times, and then turning her back on me and lifting up her skimpy dress.
Seeing Tara before me, with no panties on, I almost came there and then. Thankfully, and luckily, I managed to hold myself back as Tara stepped back and began lowering her pussy on to my shaft. Reaching forward I gripped her hips and guided her slowly down, until my shaft was buried as deep inside her as possible.
Once it was Tara began to buck her hips slowly, until she was quickly riding me violently, as I rubbed the opening of her pussy and erect clitoris. Between her bucking and my thrusting it wasn't long before Tara gasped loudly.
“Fuck I'm coming.”
“So am I,” I gasped back as I felt my cock twitch deep inside her pussy, just before the first stream of my seed exploded from the end of my cock deep in to her.