Thursday, 25 December 2014

Transsexual Thursday: Christmas wishes can come true



Christmas wishes can come true

Opening my eyes I eased myself out of bed and headed, still half asleep, in to my en-suite bathroom. Turning on the shower I waited for it to reach the perfect temperature, and stepped under the jets. Giving my body a good soaping I let the water clear away the suds, stepped out and wrapped a towel around my waist, even though I knew I was alone.
Turning to the mirror above the basin I wiped it clear of the shower's steam, and quickly shaved before drying myself and throwing the towel in to the wash basket. Grabbing the black dressing gown from the back of the door I slipped it on, walked back in to my room and headed toward the window.
For a few seconds I was in a state of shock, until my radio came on and the first voice I heard was the announcer wishing all her listeners a very happy Christmas Day. Sitting back on the bed I couldn't believe I had forgotten what day it was, then realized the reason I didn't remember was because, with no-one to share the day with, to me it was just another day, albeit one when I didn't have to drag my ass across town for work.
Still I couldn't very well spend the whole day moping around my bedroom so decided to make my way downstairs, get some breakfast and see if I could find anything to watch on TV, which didn't feature Christmas.
Throwing my duvet back on to the bed I fastened my dressing gown, slipped my mobile phone in to one of the pockets and left my room. As I began to head down the stairs I was shocked when the handset began to ring in my pocket. Surprised, as the phone was only for work and all work was finished until the New Year, I took the handset from my pocket and stared down at the screen.
Two words, UNKNOWN NUMBER, flashed across the screen. Lifting the phone to my ear I pressed the answer button. At first all I could hear was a buzzing and was about to hang up, and curse whoever it was for making a crank call on Christmas Day, when a deep male voice suddenly spoke.
“Happy Christmas, Matt,” the voice on the other end said.
Before I could reply the line went dead, the voice replaced by the same buzzing when I first answered. Staring at the handset for a few seconds, bewildered at the caller and message, I finally slipped the handset back in to my pocket, reached for the living room door handle and pressed it down. Pushing the door open I walked in, and froze.
Perched on the back of my leather sofa, dressed in a skimpy Christmas mini skirt, bra top, Santa hat and red stilettos was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.
“Merry Christmas, Matt,” she whispered seductively, as she hitched her skirt a little higher.
“Who the fuck are y...”
Before I could finish my phone rang once more. Snatching the handset from my pocket I quickly answered it.
“Who the fuck's this?” I bellowed, my eyes never leaving the woman.
“Just a friend. How do you like your present?”
“What do you mean?”
“Your present, Ivy. She is there isn't she?”
“Well somebody is here but we haven't been introduced yet,” I replied confused. “Hang on how do you know there's someone here?”
“I know because she's there because of me.”

Once again the phone went dead, so this time I switched it off before looking back at Ivy. Only she had shifted her position and was lying on her front along the back of the sofa, her beautiful cock only partially visible.
“Well, Matt, what do you think?” Ivy purred, as she stared seductively over to me.
“Y-Y-You're gorgeous but...”
“But nothing, Matt. Your Christmas wish has come true.”


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