Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday Tease; Double trouble

Double trouble

Having met identical twins Madison and Mckenzie in one of the town's clubs, and having more than a few drinks with them, they had insisted I walked them home. Knowing what the streets were like I agreed and, as they slipped their arms in to mine, I let them lead me through town until we finally came to a stop outside what I guessed must be their home.
Grabbing my arms they led me to the front door, before Madison opened it. Turning to me they smiled, before quickly dragging me over the threshold. Leading me in to the front room Mckenzie went and filled three glasses before coming back, and handing one each to Madison and me.
As soon as the glasses were empty Madison put some music on and, after pushing me on to one of the chairs, the two of them began to strip seductively. Once they were both naked they turned their attention to me. After quickly relieving me of my clothes they dropped to their knees, between my legs. Leaning back I closed my eyes, as the twins took turns licking and sucking my hardness, until I suddenly felt a sharp pain on either side of my shaft.
Lifting my head I looked at the twins, saw the fangs protruding from beneath their lips, and glanced down to see a small bite mark, either side of my hardness.


Hopefully you have enjoyed my tease. Of course I am not the only one who likes to tantaliuze you so please click on the following link, and see what delights all my friends have in store for you this week.

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Raven McAllan said...

you can't leave it there

J.P. Stevens said...

Ouch! Fab Tease Julez xx

Muffy Wilson said...

Ouch....vital vessels and organs are centered in that tender region. Shoulda watched who HE walked home with. Saucy tease, Julez. Will there be more?

Angelica Dawson said...

I love how you pop a twist in at the end.

Pablo Michaels said...

Wow! That must hurt. You had me fooled. Dismissing the sexual content, I wonder how much of the pain felt is by a real life, subconscious experience from your twins. Regardless, an excellent twist for the fast moving pace of Teaser. Well done!

Anonymous said...

Oh come on JS, to leave it there is just cruel but good. :-)

Doris O'connor said...

What a place to leave it!!Great tease, Julez :-)

The AfterDark World with Ray Sostre said...

Oh shit! Ouch! You that takes 'suck' to a whole new level. Great tease Julez.