Thursday, 8 May 2014

Transsexual Thursday Fiction: Love is gender

Love is gender

Watching Gabriela undress slowly as I lay naked on the bed, stroking my hard cock, I couldn't believe I was finally going to make love to the woman of my dreams. Over the course of six months I had fallen head over heels in love with everything about her and unlike a few of my so-called friends, who I had been shocked to discover were transphobic and had turned their backs on me in disgust when they found out about her secret, the fact she had a cock didn't bother me in the slightest.
The fact I had never even considered I might be gay, which as it turned out after reading about other straight males who had found love with transsexuals, didn't even enter the equation. Just because she was born male nobody would ever be able to tell, not that I was embarrassed or would have had any problem proudly telling any one, because I wasn't but because she was simply stunning.
Standing at five feet seven she was four inches shorter than I was, had long black hair and was slightly tanned. Her figure was perfect, easily a match for any of the models who graced the cover of magazines, in fact I'd go so far as to say she was even better than many of them and she also had a lone star tattoo on her right shoulder.
As she slipped the pink lace panties she was wearing down over her hips her own, already, hard, shaft sprang free and I finally got to see all her naked beauty, for the first time.
“You look absolutely stunning,” I whispered as she made her way over toward me, her hard cock swaying from side to side as she walked.
“Are you sure this is what you really want?”
“More than I have ever wanted anything.”
Smiling down at me, as I continued to slowly stroke my hardness, Gabriela clambered on to the bed and crawled up, between my legs. Reaching forward she took my hand from my cock, and replaced it with the softness of her own. Wrapping her perfectly manicured fingers around my shaft Gabriela began to stroke me slowly, before flicking her hair back and lowering her head.
As her tongue flicked across my glans I gasped before closing my eyes, as her lips encircled the swollen head of my cock and slowly travelled down it's full length. Bobbing her head up and down slowly Gabriela began to massage my swollen balls and glanced up at me, before slipping her hand between my legs and running her fingers along the crack of my ass. Nervously I tried to clench my cheeks as Gabriela eased her fingers between them but, with her delicate touch, I finally relaxed and allowed her to run her fingers over my virgin hole.
Gabriela began to bob her head up and down a lot faster, almost as if she was trying to make me come before suddenly, and without any warning, easing one of her fingers in to my ass. Gasping as I felt the tip of her finger touch my prostate I bucked my hips and drove my cock fully in to her mouth, almost causing her to choke. Glancing up at me once again Gabriela smiled before slowly pulling her head back, and letting my cock fall from her mouth.
I was about to say something when she knelt between my thighs, reached back and grabbed one of my ankles. Positioning herself between my thighs Gabriela moved forward until the head of her shaft, which was glistening with pre-cum, touched my tight hole. Wrapping the fingers of her free hand around her own shaft she rubbed her juices over me, before pushing herself against me.
Because I had never had anything, other than her finger a few minutes earlier, entering my ass it took Gabriela a few minutes of teasing and pushing until her thickness finally broke through my defences and entered me. Gasping loudly, her shaft feeling like it was tearing me in half, I squeezed my eyes shut and grimaced in pain.
As I did Gabriela stopped pushing forward and I felt her breasts press against my chest, seconds before her soft lips came in to contact with mine. Kissing me passionately, her tongue snaking in to my mouth and around my own, I quickly forgot about the pain coursing through my body and kissed her back forcefully.
As I did Gabriela slowly began to thrust forward again, a little at a time, until I suddenly realized she was as deep in my ass as she could get and the intense pain I had been suffering had stopped completely. Pulling her lips from mine she rose up, looked down at me seductively and began to thrust her hips back and forth slowly.
As we both moaned softly I couldn't believe how turned on I was with Gabriela's cock buried deep inside me, or how quickly the pain I had felt when she first penetrated me had disappeared. Wrapping my hand around my hard shaft I began to stroke myself in time with her thrusts, which slowly increased in pace, until she was fucking me as hard as I had ever fucked any woman, and I was masturbating faster than I could ever remember, until my legs began to tremble violently and I felt my balls tighten in their sac.
Desperate not to come until Gabriela I was relieved when, after a few minutes, her thrusts became slower and more erratic, Gasping breathlessly she drove her cock hard, deep in to me and groaned loudly. Feeling her cock begin to twitch violently inside me I stroked my own shaft furiously, until I couldn't hold back any longer.
With Gabriela's cock flooding my ass with her thick juices I began to come, my thick, milky, seed splashing down on my chest before slowly running down, over my sides and on to the fresh white sheets of the bed.
Gabriela finally finished thrusting, her body completely drained, and she collapsed down on top of me, her rapidly softening cock still buried deep in my ass. Holding her tightly I stared in to her eyes, smiled and kissed her softly on the lips, before we both closed our eyes and drifted off to sleep, still wrapped in each others arms.


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