Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Freed from the chains of deceit



Jason Morley is a man, who, for as long as he's been alive, has been living a lie. Even though he knew deep down that he was a gay male, he tried to convince himself he was straight, or at the very least bisexual. Although he'd had many relationships with women, it was only when thinking of the men of his fantasies he was able to perform. His deception ate at him.
A mysterious message appears in his inbox on a dating site, a message he had longed to receive but never thought he would, and his journey toward his true sexuality begins.
Wade Childs was the man who had sent the message. Like Jason, Wade was afraid to admit he was gay. Throwing caution to the wind in the hope of finally finding 'the one', the two men arranged to go on a date.
What followed for Jason was a week of uncertainty, nervousness, trepidation, and, as he prepared himself for his ultimate challenge, a whole new world of self-love discovery.

Could Jason really free himself from the chains of deceit that had bound him his entire life? Will he be able to embrace this his true self, true sexuality, in the pursuit of a real and happy future? Or, will he be trapped forever in a life he doesn't want to live, too scared to admit the truth to his family and friends...himself?


Chapter One

For years I'd tried to hide the fact I was gay, even going so far as to sleep with numerous women, but deep down I'd always known. The only way I could get hard, and enjoy the act of sexual intercourse with a woman, was by thinking of all the hot men I'd spent hours staring at over the Internet. And, it was down to one day on the Internet I finally found the courage to admit my sexuality.
I'd been lurking on gay, and even transsexual, chat sites for as long as I could remember. Lurking, not talking; just looking at pictures of hot bodies, hard cocks and tight asses, stroking my hard cock as I did, when, totally out of the blue, I received a message.
Hi handsome
They were the only two words, there wasn’t even a picture, and at first I thought it was one of my mates winding me up, having somehow found out the secret I wouldn’t even admit to myself.
At first, I just stared at the two words, fear holding me immobile in its grasp, and too scared to respond. Closing my inbox, I stood up and walked away from the computer, yet those two words wouldn’t leave my mind. The questions began to surface and flow through my thoughts like wildfire. What if it isn’t a wind-up? What if whoever sent it is genuine, and this is just the chance I’ve been waiting for?
Glancing back to the screen glowing brightly at me from across the room, I hesitated, wondering what would happen if I responded to the anonymous message. Lost in the thoughts of possibly meeting someone over the Internet, I stared back at the computer screen the image of the hot, naked, blonde Adonis on the screen, his cock shaved and hard, staring back at me, smiling, teasing and goading me back to the computer. I was unable to resist the look in his eye and the perceived innuendo in his body language.
Slowly, I walked back across the room, the hardness of my cock pushing against the material of my trousers. Once I sat down, I re-opened the message, the hesitation and fear I’d felt before making me very nervous. I read the two words of the message over and over. Before I knew it, I found myself typing, responding to the message left for me.
Hitting send, and holding my breath, I waited a single brief moment before I panicked. What the fuck am I doing? I reached out to flip the power switch, blowing out the breath in my lungs in a rush. Before I could shut down the computer, though, another message appeared.
Hi, thought you were ignoring me. Sorry if I shocked you with my message.
No, it’s okay. I mean, yes, I was shocked but... I typed rapidly, my fingers dancing over the keyboard, the words coming out before I had a chance to really think about what I was writing.
Hope you don’t mind me messaging you. The mysterious person typed. It’s just, after seeing your profile pic, I felt I had to get to know you. Odd, I know, but something wouldn’t let me walk away and close down my computer before I’d taken a chance. I mean, I've nothing to lose, right? I figured the worst that could happen would be you telling me to bugger off, right?
I couldn’t believe what I was reading. The picture I'd used was a self-shot taken one night when I was drunk, and showed me standing in front of a mirror, fully naked, my hand wrapped around the shaft of my hard cock. I'd meant to change it numerous times, but had never got around to taking a sensible one, and good pictures of me were as rare as rocking horse shit; they just didn’t exist.
My name’s Wade, by the way. The next message pinged through before I had a chance to thank him for liking my picture.
Curiosity nagged at my insides and I began to type. I needed to know more.
Hi Wade, it’s great to meet you. How come you haven’t got a real profile pic? I mean, I assume that isn’t really you, is it?
No, it’s not me. And, because I am not as brave as you for one thing, he responded. For another, I don’t rate myself that much, to be honest.
I’d love to see a picture of you. I’d much prefer to have an idea who I'm talking to. For all I know, you could be anyone.
Okay, I guess so. Give me five minutes, your email address, and I’ll send you one, but you have to promise you’ll never show anyone else.
You can trust me. Promise. I typed in the information and then sat back in my chair, my imagination running wild. Excitement made my hands shake and blood rush through my body. I wondered what he really looked like. Was he like the hot, muscle-bound model I’d been viewing earlier, or, like me – fit but not much to look at?
Okay, I’ll be back soon.



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