Saturday, 1 February 2014

Saturdays's Afterdark Moments: Mistress always comes first

Mistress always comes first

Kneeling before you, naked and obedient, I silently await your permission to lift my head so I may gaze upon your beauty. The stone floor's harsh coldness no longer bothered me and, as seconds turned in to minutes, the only sound to be heard was the soft sound of our breathing, yours calm, as always, yet mine increasing in hopeful anticipation. Finally, after a few more minutes, you broke the silence.
“Your patience is improving every day,” you whispered, “For that you shall be rewarded. You may lift your head.”
Slowly doing as you gave me permission to I began to raise my head, taking in the beauty of your long, tanned, legs, the black lace panties covering your crotch, your flat stomach and ample breasts before finally staring deep into your emerald green eyes.
“Thank you Mistress,” I whisper softly, my flaccid cock hardening rapidly as I take in your exceptional beauty.
“I see you approve.”
Quickly I lower my head and cover myself, unsure what your reaction will be, as I see you looking down at my hard shaft.
“Sorry Mistress I couldn't help myself,” I mumble. “It's just that I have never been in the presence of anyone as beautiful as you.”
“There is no need to apologize as I would be most hurt if I didn't have such an effect on you.”
“Your pleasure is the only pleasure that matters Mistress.”
“Oh believe me I shall get more than my fair share of pleasure from you, don't worry about that.”
As you speak you lift your hands, unclasp your bra and let it fall to the floor. The throbbing under my hands intensifies and I lift my head again and stare at your perfect breasts, exposed to me for the first time. Your nipples darken as they quickly become erect, probably more to do with the coolness of the room than anything else and you circle each one with your forefingers slowly.
“Would you like to touch me?”
Staring at you I stay silent for a couple of seconds, unsure how to respond, when you ask again.
“It would be an honor Mistress,” I finally reply.
“Then you may.”
Nervously I reach forward with one hand and, with the other still hiding my hard cock, place it against the smooth skin of your ankle. With my hands trembling like an addict desperate for a fix I begin to slowly run my hand up the side of your leg, all the time keeping my eyes fixed on yours, only stopping when I feel the lace of your panties.
“Would you like to remove my panties and pleasure me fully?” You ask. “I think you have finally earned that much.”
“Yes Mistress I would,” I reply. “Thank you Mistress.”
Forgetting about my bashfulness I lift my other hand, place them both on your waist and slowly start to ease your panties lower and lower until, finally, your own hard cock springs free. For a second I freeze, the swollen head of your cock only a couple of inches from my lips, the slit in the end already glistening with pre-cum and you place one of your hands lightly on the back of my head.
I know what you expect and if I want to continue to be your slave, which I do, I know I must not disappoint you. Taking a deep breath I reach forward and wrap my fingers lightly around your hard shaft, surprised at first by just how thick it is. Struggling to join my fingers around you I began to move my hand slowly back and forth, along the full length of your shaft, my eyes fixed on your cock as I do.
“Pleasure me, fully, with your mouth and I shall allow you to also come.”
Eager to please you, as well as get relief from the throbbing coming from my own cock, I open my mouth and move my head forward, pausing only to flick my tongue across the pre-cum which was still oozing from the slit in the end of your cock, before taking your full length to the back of my throat.
Closing my lips around your shaft I begin to suck, stroke and massage your balls eagerly, your hand on the back of my head controlling my speed but after only a couple of minutes I feel your cock twitch violently in my mouth, the first stream of your seed exploding at the back of my throat, almost causing me to choke.
Greedily I continued to suck, swallowing every drop of your cum, until you finally moan that you have no more to give. Only then do I take my mouth from around your shaft and look up at you, hoping that you were pleased by my servitude.
“That was not bad at all and, as I am a woman of my word, you have my permission to cum,” you finally say, staring down at me.
“Thank you Mistress,” I reply as I wrap my hand around my own shaft, masturbate furiously and finally come after only a couple of minutes, my seed splashing on the floor between your feet.
“Once you have cleaned that up you may go to your room. I have no more use of you tonight.”

With that you turn away and leave me alone in the room and, with only one way to clean up the mess I have made before I can leave the room, I lower my head.



Andrea Bellmont said...

astounding...enlightening...just wow

Thank you

Tonya Kinzer said...

Another enthralling read, Sir. I had to keep reading...very well done. Thank you for sharing!

Theresa Stuart said...

Leading the way from start to finish.... well done

Muffy Wilson said...

Jules, I believe that this may be one of your best works, or at the very least, one of my favorites. THAT was well paced, tension-building and very erotic. Bravo. I loved it, his obedience, lush servitude and the ending was a crown. Xo

The AfterDark World with Ray Sostre said...

Definitely, a turn-on read Julez. Great setting; love the finishing scene. Great work!

Pablo Michaels said...

This is an example of your writing a st its finest I've read in quite a long time. The buildup was precise, very well written erotica from beginning to end. I was very surprised when he lowered her panties to read she had a cock. Excellent unsuspected surprise.