Wednesday, 5 February 2014

OUT NOW: The Girl in the Red Bikini

Michael is just a regular guy, living a regular life. Having not long moved in to a new neighbourhood, he is yet to meet any of his new neighbors and the first one he comes across is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen.
As he begins to watch her sunbathing in her back yard wearing nothing but a tiny red bikini, Michael starts to develop strong feelings for her. However he discovers completely by accident, his new neighbor isn't just any woman, she is a transsexual woman. Michael suddenly finds himself caught in a predicament.
On the one hand he finds himself falling for her more and more, but as he considered himself to be one hundred percent straight, the fact she wasn't one hundred percent genetic female leads him to question whether or not he can conquer his fear of the unknown. With the help of Jazz’s friends, Michael embarks on a relationship which teaches him Jazz is what he truly wants, no longer caring she’s a transsexual.

 Overcoming his fear of the unknown, Michael journeys through self-discovery, pushing boundaries, and ultimately finding true love.


      The first time I saw her, she was lying in the back garden next door wearing the smallest pair of red bikini panties I had ever seen. The only reason I even looked out of my balcony window was because the sudden pounding music that appeared from out of the blue. It shocked me, but as soon as my eyes saw her, I couldn't move away from the window.
      From my vantage point in the bedroom, she looked perfect. She had long black hair, her body slim and slightly tanned. There was a tattoo across the bottom of her back and another on her ankle. Although her entire body was perfect, I couldn’t tear my eyes away from her ass. It was even more perfect, if that was at all possible. It looked firm, shaped beautifully, and her cheeks poked out slightly at the edges. The skin there looked a fraction lighter than the rest of her, which led me to believe she had never sunbathed completely naked.
      The figure of beauty lying no more than a hundred feet away from me caused my cock to stiffen rapidly. Being alone and knowing no one could see me, I released it from the confines of my shorts. It had been so long since I had seen a woman who looked even as half as good as she did, let alone made love to one, so I stayed exactly where I was. My cock was beginning to ache, but I just stood there and stared at the vision before me. After watching for a few more minutes, my cock throbbing like never before, I wrapped my fingers around my hard shaft and began to stroke myself slowly. 



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