Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser: Happiness is a right, not a privilege

It's time for the first tease of 2014 and I have decided to begin the year with a clear message for those members of society that still DON'T GET IT.

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Happiness is a right, not a privilege 

As the sun began to set, and the breeze blew over the sands, I wrapped my arms around Candice. Pulling her close I placed my lips lightly against hers, closed my eyes and kissed her softly.
I had been planning this day for the last six months, and keeping it a secret was the hardest thing I had ever done. On more than one occasion she had threatened to leave me, accusing me of seeing other women, as I tried to make sure everything would come together, perfectly. There had been so many rows, and so many tears, as I had to convince her that she was the only woman I wanted. Now though all those tears and rows were worth it and as I pulled my lips from hers we were, in the eyes of all the important people in our lives, husband and wife.
It did hurt us to think that only our friends and family would be able to address us as a married couple though, especially in this day and age, but all we had to do was wait until the pathetic government that ran our country finally accepted that all sexualities, and genders, were equal.



Naomi said...

Lovely teaser. He obviously loves Candice. I hope the future is bright for them.

Molly Synthia said...

Very nice, Julez. You had me until the end as well. Thanks for this!

Muffy Wilson said...

Beautiful, Julez. And oh, so very true. We believe that even our pets should be happy. Don't we deserve the same as our pets? Of course, we do and more. Wonderfully scripted and a poignant message. I loved this :) xo

Doris O'connor said...

Amen, Julez, and Bravo! Beautiful teaser with a brilliant message :-)

The AfterDark World with Ray Sostre said...

A true, heartfelt post there Julez. This is a message you should share to every blogger out there. Don't just keep in the Tantalizing Tuesday Forum, post it on forums that regard to equality for all - LGBT forums.

Keep up the good work. Great post!

Jorja Lovett said...

Lovely heartfelt post. :)

Anonymous said...

Well-said, Julez. Little by little they're getting it. Keep the faith.