Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser Summertime Hop: Who needs a woman

Welcome to this week's very special Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser Summertime Hop.

Who needs a woman?

After months of being alone, with only masturbation for sex, I was pissed off. Stroking my own cock was no fun, even though I'd used toys, anymore. I felt there was something missing and that's when I saw the image on the screen in front of me.
For a few seconds I just stared at, what looked, the impossible. Yet the longer I stared the more intrigued I became, and began to wonder if it was possible or if the image was just another photo-shopped fake.
Climbing from my bed I checked my door was locked and stepped out of my boxer shorts before taking another long, hard, look at the image. Turning my head from side to side I worked out the position I needed to be in, climbed back onto my bed and positioned myself as close to the image as possible.
Taking hold of my semi-hard cock I began to stroke myself slowly, until I was fully erect, then lifted my legs above my head. At first I was disappointed, my cock was about an inch from my lips, but I continued to masturbate until I felt myself about to explode and, when I finally did, I made sure my mouth was open as wide as possible.



Doris O'connor said...

Ok, words fail me, lol! That is... well...
You sure have to be flexible for that! ;-)

Naomi said...

Oh my, you have to be very supple. Makes me smile imagining it. LOL

Pablo Michaels said...

I've seen porno where a man was actually doing this. I used to be fairly limber and tried it. I won't tell if I was able to. Nice parallel with anrration and photo.

Paloma Beck said...

Hmm... well, um... yep. I think I'm speechless too. Photo aside, it was a nice examination into his thoughts.

bluwaterprincezz said...
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bluwaterprincezz said...

Had to take a double look at the picture, and it definitely intrigued me. Wanting to see what sexy story would cum of this. Great job!

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