Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Pounded by the pool (A m/m short)

Thought I'd share a little m/m short with you all

Pounded by the pool

Ever since I first met Gaz my inhibitions had gone completely out of the window but when he suggested we sunbathe naked, by my pool, I wasn't too sure. I mean what if someone saw the two of us? Would they report us for indecency? I wouldn't be able to live with the embarrassment of the cops storming the garden and catching us both naked, I would have to sell up and move away.
Fuck Pete stop being such a wuss. If people want to complain let them, they shouldn't be staring and besides I'm proud to be with you.”
I am with you as well but we don't need to draw attention to it.”
Christ it's 2013 not 1913 lighten the fuck up and get your ass by that pool. If they want something to talk about then we'll give them something to talk about.”
Grabbing my hand Gaz led me into the garden and, before I could stop him, tore my flimsy shorts off and threw them in the pool.
Now just fucking relax.”
Gaz headed back inside while I laid two towels by the edge of the pool before laying down, my naked ass warmed by the scorching sun, for an afternoon of sun with the hottest guy I had ever known.
After a few minutes he still wasn't back and I lifted my head.
Are you fucking coming or what?” I called towards the house.
On my way.”
That was good enough for my and I placed my head back on the towel and closed my eyes. Suddenly I felt something cold sliding along the crack of my ass and, at first, though Gaz had brought out a couple of drinks and spilled some. That was until I felt him kneel over my body and start to rub the liquid deep into me, massaging my hole roughly as he did.
What the fuck!”
They want something to complain about then let's give them something to moan about,” Gaz whispered as he slapped my ass, before lifting it a couple of inches off the floor.
We can't, not here, not in the open.”
Yes we fucking can.”
As he spoke I felt the swollen head of his cock, pushing against my tight hole and knew he was right. Fuck what the neighbors thought. We were gay, we loved each other and we liked to fuck, a lot. They shouldn't be staring and if they were then that was their fault and they would just have to live with it.
Lifting a little higher I relaxed as much as I could as Gaz's thick cock slowly began to sink deeper into my ass, causing me to scream out at first. If the neighbors hadn't heard my scream then they wouldn't hear anything else because Gaz placed his hand on my head, pushing it down and began to thrust harder and harder in and out of me.
Oh fuck Pete I'm coming,” He gasped after a few minutes before driving his cock as hard and as deep as he could, one last time.
As he whispered the words I loved to hear I pushed my ass back and clenched my muscles, to grip the thickness buried deep in my ass, while his cock began to twitch violently, flooding me with his seed.


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