Thursday, 23 May 2013

Finally Together

Autumn stood with her back to me, glancing over her shoulder, her beautifully tanned body against the wall of the hotel room in just a matching set of white lace lingerie as I lay, naked, on the large king size bed.
I watched breathlessly as she slowly peeled off her bra, releasing her firm breasts, giving me a glimpse of her partially erect nipples. Just that glimpse was enough to get my cock twitching, in anticipation of what was to come and I instinctively wrapped my hand around my own hard shaft and began to gently moved it up and down until it was fully erect, all the time my eyes never straying from her stunning beauty.
Slowly she moved her hips from side to side, dancing to the soft music coming from the bedside disc player and as she did I masturbated slowly, yet in rhythm with her movements. How I desperately wanted to make love to her, to taste her skin and let our bodies melt into one. As I continued to watch she bent down, her hands were running slowly up and down over her beautiful, firm, ass and my movements became quicker.
As her hands ran up again she hooked two fingers into the top of her lace panties and slowly eased them down, over her perfect curves, taking her time and teasing me before stepping out of them. Totally naked she continued to move her hips slowly, all the time her hands continuously caressing her curves.
Releasing my hardness I eased myself up and moved slowly, quietly, across the room towards her. I was desperate to feel her golden skin in my hands, to wrap my arms around her perfect figure, to kiss every inch of her bronzed skin. As I walked my cock continued to throb achingly and, with each step closer I got to her the more I could smell the sweet scent of her lightly perfumed body and that just made me want her more.
Reaching out I gently brushed her skin, watching as goose bumps rose over every inch of her body and she gasped. Autumn took a step back and our naked bodies touched, for the first time, my cock pressing against her curvaceous yet perfect ass and I reached around her waist.
As I gently ran my hands slowly over her flat, yet perfectly smooth, stomach and up her body I finally traced my fingers over her fully erect nipples. Another gasp escaped from her lips as I slowly massaged her beautifully formed breasts gently, careful not to be too rough, she pushed her ass back against my throbbing cock. For a few minutes neither of us moved until I eventually let my hands begin the journey back down over her stomach, flicking her pierced belly button lightly, before my hands reached the place I wanted, needed.
This time it was I who gasped as my fingers reached their goal and, after years of searching and six months of talking and getting to know everything about this beautiful woman online, I finally reached my own personal heaven.
Slowly I ran my fingers over her smoothness, down between her thighs, before gently bringing my hand back up and wrapping my fingers around her own hard shaft. As Autumn pushed back even harder against my own cock, grinding against me and softly moaning in ecstasy, I started to stroke her cock slowly. I knew that, after all these years searching for happiness, I had finally found what I had always wanted because just having my fingers wrapped around her cock felt so natural, so right, so perfect.
After a while she turned to face me and, as I gazed deep into her eyes, our lips met. Autumn pressed closely to me, her firm breasts pressing against my chest and, as we stared deep into each others eyes, our cocks brushed against each other. As soon as they did we both instinctively reached down, between our bodies, took hold of each others throbbing cocks and began to masturbate each other slowly.
Bending my head as we continued stroking each other slowly I flicked my tongue across her erect nipples, first one then the other, the lightly salty taste of her sweat turning me on even more. After a few minutes she used her free hand, gently lifted my head, stared longingly into my eyes and smiled.
Still holding my cock Autumn eased my fingers from around hers and dropped to her knees. Still masturbating me gently she wrapped her free hand around her own cock before opening her mouth, flicking her tongue over the swollen head of my shaft and then wrapping her lips around me. I gasped as she took my full length into her mouth and began bobbing her head back and forth, as she continued to stroke my shaft slowly.
I gently placed my hands on her head, running my fingers through her hair, as she started going faster with both her mouth and her hand. I could feel my legs weakening, my balls tighten and knew I wasn't going to last much longer and I let out a low groan. Instead of slowing down though this made her suck and masturbate even faster and then she did something that made me lose all control. Releasing my cock she started to massage my balls before slipping her hand between my legs and starting to play with my tight ass.
Tightening up, as someone other than myself playing with my ass was new to me, I guessed what was coming but still wasn't prepared for what she did next. With my cock in her mouth, struggling not to cum, Autumn slowly eased her finger into my tight ass and began moving it slowly in a circular motion, seeking my g-spot.
That was more than I could take and, gasping loudly, I felt my cock twitch and began to cum deep into her mouth. Hungrily she carried on sucking, swallowing all of my seed and still working my ass and prostate with her finger. Eventually though and with my body completed drained her movements slowed, until stopping completely. Then she slowly eased her finger from inside me and looked up a smile on her lips and her cock still standing erect.
Without saying a word Autumn turned her back to me, positioned herself on her hands and knees and thrust her ass towards me.
"Fuck me really hard please." she whispered, almost pleadingly. “I've been waiting, hoping, for this to happen ever since we got to know each other.”
I didn't need asking twice and, as gripped her hips tightly, I eased my, still hard, cock between her ass cheeks and began to gently push against her tightness. After a couple of minutes my cock eased into her causing her to scream, in ecstasy, before I started to thrust back and forth slowly.
I was pushing slowly and as deep as I could into her, as she continued to stroke her cock, before she let out a load moan that made me think she was about to cum. Wanting to be the one that made her cum, just like she had me, I reached around and gently removed her hand from her shaft. Gripping her cock I started to stroke her whilst continuing to keep up my, increasingly furious, thrusting into her ass.
Letting out more moans and with her breaths coming quicker Autumn glanced over her shoulder, a look of pure ecstasy in her eyes and told me exactly what she wanted. Withdrawing from her ass I rolled her onto her back, looked down at her thick cock, which was glistening with pre-cum and lowered my head.
As I took her cock, my first cock ever, into my mouth I began moving my head up and down rhythmically whilst she continued to moan, her fingers gripping my hair to control my speed. After a few minutes sucking, and playing with her balls and ass I felt her body tense up. Without any warning her thick cum erupted from the end of her cock and splattered against the back of my throat, almost causing me to choke.
I had never tasted cum, other than my own, before yet the thickness and slightly salty taste of hers was even better than my own and I greedily sucked and swallowed, desperate not to miss any before I finally let her cock drop from my mouth but not before I had ran my tongue around her swollen, purple, head to make sure I hadn't missed any and looked up at her before sliding my body on to hers. As sweat glistened on our bodies I rolled onto my side, taking her into my arms, both of our cocks slowly softening and I smiled.
All my life I had been afraid to admit what I had always wanted, for fear of ridicule, yet here I was lying naked in the arms of the most beautiful woman I had ever met, who just happened to be a gorgeous transsexual and I knew then that I was finally going to be happy.



Muffy Wilson said...

So sexy, so erotic, so stimulating. I could, would, dream of that too! So glad you are back and clearly in sublime form:) xo

Anonymous said...

Amazing story! Loved the slow anticipation, hesitance, the hot fulfillment, and love permeating through the entirety. Intense, erotic, and sensual. I loved it!

Angelica Dawson said...

Great story Julez. Thanks for sharing it.