Sunday, 17 February 2013

Sinful Sunday: The benefits of house-sharing

This week's Sinful Sunday is not as sinful as previous week's however there is a good possibility that it could continue, that all depends on what everyone thinks though.

The benefits of house-sharing

After the day she had had at work Angie wanted nothing more than to strip out of her work clothes, grab a large glass of wine and relax in the luxurious bubbles of the bath. Once again her lecherous boss had spent most of the day staring directly at her large, firm breasts and she had listened to her male colleagues whispering amongst themselves as to what they would like to do to her.
Opening the front door to the house she shared with Sasha and Teresa she walked in and placed her jacket and bag on the floor, before slipping her heels off. Glancing at the clock she saw it was just gone five so that would give her an hour, maybe two, of total solitude before Sasha and Teresa got home.
Heading through to the kitchen she took one of the glasses from the cupboard, opened the fridge and opened a fresh bottle of white wine. Filling her glass to the rim she made her way back to the stairs and slowly began to ascend them, careful not to spill a single drop of the drink she felt she fully deserved.
Pausing at the top of the stairs, to take her first sip from her glass, Angela noticed that Teresa's door was slightly ajar, something that struck her as strange. Normally Teresa kept her door firmly shut and both her and Sasha weren't allowed over the threshold unless invited by Teresa, which was the only rule the three of them had all agreed on. Their rooms were their own personal space and were invitation only, so the door being open was totally out of place.
Thinking that maybe she hadn't shut it properly and a breeze and opened it she walked towards it, the only thought in her mind to close it, when she froze. Through the gap she could see Teresa totally naked , except for a pair of lace hold-ups, her head turned to the side, her eyes closed, her long blonde hair hanging over the edge of the bed, on her knees and with one of her perfectly manicured hands gripping her own ass cheek and she was moaning softly.
Stunned Angela just stared as she watched her house mate, seemingly bringing herself to orgasm, when something else appeared in her line of vision, something that sent chills of excitement coursing through her body to her pussy. From where Angela was standing it looked like Teresa had brought someone home, someone with the biggest cock she had ever seen and they were about to enter her from behind.
All thoughts of the bath she had dreamed about all the way home were pushed to the back of Angela's mind and, although she knew she shouldn't really, she took another sip from her drink and inched closer to the open door getting yet another surprise as her angle of vision changed.
Yes Teresa had got someone in her room but, no it wasn't the owner of the biggest cock she had ever seen, it was Sasha who was kneeling behind her wearing a large strap-on and she was as naked as Teresa. Angela suddenly felt the tingle in her pussy again, just before she flooded her panties with her own juices as the sight of her two housemates became too much for her to take, a loud moan escaping from her lips.
As soon as the moan had left Angela's lips Teresa's eyes snapped open. Freezing Angela found herself staring straight at her friend only, instead of Teresa telling her to fuck off,, which is what she expected, a smile began to form on her friends lips, lips that she slowly ran her tongue seductively along.
“Well don't just stand there Ang,” Teresa purred through the doorway. “Get your sexy ass in here and join us.”
For a couple of seconds Angela stayed rooted to the spot, unsure whether Teresa was being serious or not, when she heard Sasha.
“Yes come on Ang I've been dying to fuck you since the day we all moved in together, so as Teresa haven't you babe?”
“More than she would ever believe possible,”
Teresa moaned and, as Sasha slipped two fingers deep into her pussy from behind, Teresa lifted her arm beckoning Angela to join them.


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