Saturday, 16 February 2013

AfterDark Moments: A perfect end to a perfect day

This week's AfterDark Moment comes from a dream or two I may or may not have had, I shall leave that up to you to decide.

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Thank You.

A perfect end to the perfect day

As I waited outside the room, like she had asked, I allowed a smile to form on my lips. Finally we had done what we had been planning for months and no stupid fucking government laws were going to stop us. Okay it hadn't been a church wedding which is what I knew she had wanted more than anything but, the law wouldn't allow that but on paper, and in the eyes of those that cared about us we were married.
“Okay baby I'm ready, you can come in now,” my bride, Jackie, called from the honeymoon suite I had booked for us.
Taking a deep breath I placed my hand on the door handle, turned it slowly and pushed it open. Instantly I saw my bride of five hours lying on the bed, in just her lingerie, smiling at me.
“Well hubby what are you waiting for?” She asked in her sexiest voice as she smiled at me as I stood there.
“Nothing darling,” I replied. “It's just that you look so beautiful, so perfect.”
“So are you honey but how about you come and make me look less than perfect?”
I knew what she meant I had been waiting for this minute all day long, yet seeing her laying there in just her lingerie I paused, just for a second.
“What's wrong baby afraid you've made a mistake?” she asked a look of despair beginning to show on her face.
“No baby anything but I just can't believe that we finally found someone who wasn't against it.”
“Well we did and they weren't, so get that ass of yours over here right now.”
She didn't need to ask me twice and as I walked over to the bed I felt the hardness in my trousers beginning to grow.
“Looks like somebody is ready to consummate our marriage,” she said, her eyes never leaving the growing bulge in my trousers.
“You better believe it baby,” I replied undoing my trousers as I walked to the bed.
By the time I reached the bed my trousers were somewhere behind me and my shirt was unbuttoned.
“I love you Mrs. James,” I whispered as I took her her face in my hands.
“And I love you to but...”
She left the sentence hanging and I knew what she wanted more than anything.
As I got to the bed I reached forward and ran my hands down the front of her lingerie.
“Looks like someone else is ready as well,” I said as I saw the smile on Jackie's lips.
“You better believe it Mr.”
Smiling down at her I slipped my hand into her panties, wrapped my fingers around her hard cock and placed my lips against hers.




Cherry Darling said...

I love, love. I love how they became married, found someone to bond them together. I can feel their happiness.

pablo michaels said...

Consummating their marriage was a feat in itself, but to read the waiting finale was excellent. Beautifully written.

Dakota Trace said...

Very steamy Julez. Loved it.


Angelica Dawson said...

Excellent piece. I'm sure they'll live long and happily.

gemma parkes said...

Lovely writing Julez, l enjoyed the story and the build up to the reason they found things so hard (no pun intended!)that's a beautiful picture too!

The AfterDark World with Ray Sostre said...

Julez, I truly love the work you put out there. This one had such a wonderful build-up, I liked the picture you've painted there.