Monday, 21 January 2013

Masturbation Monday: Dream Lover

For this week's Masturbation Monday I am trying something more than just a few hot images. This week I have written a small, hopefully erotic, piece that I have interjected with images that closely follow the written words.

I hope you enjoy it.

Dream Lover

You were there again last night, waiting in my dreams for me, teasing me as you stood there in your see-through negligee, your perfect body visible in the moonlight. I didn't know who you were, you had never uttered a word during those long nights and I knew I had definitely never met anyone that resembled you, not even slightly.
Your long brunette hair cascaded down around your shoulders, blowing in the breeze from my open windows, your firm breasts and erect nipples clearly visible and straining to burst free from the confines of your negligee. You began to sway in front of me the thin material affording me a glimpse of the of the lace panties covering the entrance to your pussy, the small tattoo on your right hip barely visible.

Fuck how I wanted to taste your juices yet, even in my dreams, you had never even let me touch you. Instead you danced before my eyes and ran your fingers lightly over your own body teasing your nipples and rubbing that pussy and, just like every single day, that was when I woke up.
Once again I was alone, naked and rock hard, just the way you left me every day and as I stretched to my full length I allowed my hand to slide back under the covers and search out my hardness. Wrapping my fingers lightly around my shaft I began to stroke slowly, trying to bring you back so you could see what you did to me every morning you left but you never did return, yet I couldn't stop.

My hand sped up as the ecstasy coursing through my body built up until I felt my legs begin to tremble and my swollen balls tighten. I knew I wasn't going to last much longer, I never could after your visits and, with my heart pounding in my chest and my legs twitching violently I let myself go.

The first, thick, stream of cum that exploded from the slit in my cock splashed down on my chest and I let out a moan of ecstasy before the second, third and fourth twitch from my hardness released even more of my juices on to my body. By now the muscle in my arm was throbbing more than my cock and as I milked the last drop of semen from my body I relaxed, the semen coating my body glistening in the light and I heard myself whispering a name.



Muffy Wilson said...

Holy Gawd, Julez!!!!! I'll not share what that piece did to me! Very erotic, loved the whispered ending.......until the morrow:) xo

Naomi said...

Oh Julez!! You really got me hot with this post! Loved it!