Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser: Reflecting on past mistakes

Greetings once again Children of the Night and welcome once again to my humble abode. I am humbled, yet honoured, by your presence as I bring you another 200 word teaser for your delectation.

I must warn you though this week's tease is a little darker than my usual work but it is still fiction. There are no hidden meanings in the words you are about to read they are just that, words. Words that came as I stared at the image I present to you at the start of the tease.

Reflecting on past mistakes

Standing in front of the mirror the person I saw staring back wasn’t me. Sure it looked like me, had my six-pack stomach, my build, my chiselled facial features even my hair yet all I saw was the shell of my former self.
Dragging the razor over the stubble, which I had neglected for a few days, I began wondering why I was even bothering. It wasn’t as though there was anything for me to look good for anymore.
My mind was slowly being destroyed by her behaviour and there was nothing I could do about it, I knew that because I had tried. Yes I had made mistakes, hadn’t everyone at some point in their lives, but I never realized the mistake that I made would slowly push me closer and closer to the edge of sanity.
Rinsing the razor in the lukewarm water that just about covered the bottom of the basin I looked at myself again, felt a shiver run through my body and looked down at the razor. It would be so easy. Just two quick slashes and the pain would end.
I knew I couldn’t though. I just wasn’t as selfish as she was.


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Muffy Wilson said...

Oh, Julez..........."I just wasn't as selfish as she was." That says it all, doesn't it? Haven't we all been impaled on love, feeling our life drain from us as we willingly give ourselves over to the pain? Ah, yes.....how well I remember. But, gaining strength in our cowardice, we live to love again. YOu touched me; I loved it:) xo

Naomi said...

She must be a real bitch! Your last line said it all. The pain in his gut over the relationship is so apparent. I really felt for him. It will serve her right if someone else comes along and snaps him up. Good one Julez!

Crystal Newman said...

I really want to read this to see what is really going on. I want to know the outcome. Hopefully he can find someone else.

Paloma Beck said...

The last sentence was so telling. Great story with such depth of emotion.

The AfterDark World with Ray Sostre said...

This is a very interesting piece. I admire the first person narrative on this story.

gemma parkes said...

Love the intensity and emotion in your post Julez, beautifully written.

Pablo Michaels said...

I often feel like your character did. Nicely built up Teaser for the end when he wasn't selfish like her. Did she commit suicide by the twist in the end. Fabulous descriptions and interior monologue.