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Interview from The Crypt: Kameron Brook

Welcome once again Children of the Night to yet another Interview from The Crypt. Today's interview features a writer that has appeared in The Crypt once before, the extremely talented Kameron Brook

First of all I would just like to say welcome to The Crypt and thank you for stopping by today.
Thank you, Julez, for having me. It’s great to be here.

Why don’t you introduce yourself to my Creatures of the Night and tell us a little about yourself.
Howdy. My name is Kameron Brook. Of course, that is just my pen name. I don’t use my real one because I live in a small town where everyone knows your business. I like to keep my writing, my personal business, well personal. I’m sure others will relate to this as well.

When did you first begin to write? Was there a specific moment or did something happen to make you think ‘I could be a writer’?
I started dabbling a couple years ago. Online friends, my husband Dirk, told me I had the skills to get a story published. After a year or so, I decided to take one of my ideas and lengthen it into a short story. Shockingly enough, Razor’s Edge Press/Changeling Press signed me to a contract.

What are you currently working on? Would you mind giving the readers a quick synopsis in 100 words or less?
I actually just sent in a manuscript to Razor’s Edge. It’s titled “Sinfully Delicious”. General overview – Christine gets talked into attending a speed-dating event by her good friend Jasmine. She doesn’t make a love connection with one of the twenty-five bachelors; however, she does meet someone that night – Sin.

Where do you draw your inspiration for your stories, characters and settings?
My story ideas either come to me from a dream, fantasy, or something I’ve actually done. Research is fun, but I never divulge what sections are true or purely fiction.

Is there one particular genre you prefer writing in and is there a genre you would never attempt and if so why?
My erotic stories are not limited to gay, straight, ménage or bi. (I actually have one of each out now.) I simply write what speaks to me at the time and I hope no matter what a reader’s sexual preference is, they’ll be drawn to one of them. In regards to what I won’t write about – zombies. Since I dream about what I write, I don’t want my sleep time visions to be of the walking dead.

If you weren’t a writer/ couldn’t write anymore what would you do?
I actually used to teach so I’d probably go back to teaching or I’ll work in the nutrition field.

If you could become a member of the opposite sex for 24 hours what would be the first thing you would do?
I wanted to say something witty, but I’d actually masturbate. I mean come on, seriously, wouldn’t a guy fondle his new breasts if given the chance. I thought so!

Which fantasy creature/being do you like the most?
I don’t have a favorite fantasy being. I will say that, in general, I like nature and animals. Top five pick: White tigers, sea horses, butterflies, owls and hummingbirds.

If you could be your favourite fantasy figure what would be the first thing you would do?
A: Again, I don’t have a favorite. However, if I must choose a fantasy person, she’d have to be able to fly. Travel costs are a pain in the ass.

What scares you the most?
Recently, I was asked this from friends and they laughed at me. Besides the normal fear of spiders, I freaking HATE gnomes and jack in the boxes. The toy, not food chain. No laughing, Julez!

Favourite film?
Comedy – Just Friends and The Wedding Date. Action: Love Indiana Jones. Horror: Never watch them

Worst film you have ever seen?
I’m refraining from that one because every time I say I don’t like a certain movie. Others start a heated debate why I should give it one more shot.

Favourite book?
I don’t have a favorite book, but I do have several authors I must read. Ex. Keri Arthur, Cheyenne McCray, Christine Feehan, Pamela Palmer, Sherrilyn Kenyon, James Patterson – I better stop or I could go on forever.

When you go shopping what is the one thing that you always HAVE to buy?
Diet Mt Dew and knee/thigh high socks

And finally, just for a light hearted end to the interview.
What words would you want etched on your tombstone ?
Hey family and friends, check out my blog to see the real me. 

Thank you for joining me today and I would like to wish you all the best in future endeavours.
Once again, thank you kindly for having me and letting me ramble on about myself. Best of luck yourself and as always, keep smiling.

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