Friday, 7 September 2012

Flash Fiction Friday: Wedding Night-mare

Welcome Children of the Night to another quick burst of literary fun for Flash Fiction Friday is upon us once again and, after taking a small hiatus last week, I have returned with a fun filled 100 words to tickle and tantalize you. 

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“For fuck’s sake Rob lay still and stop whimpering like a baby.”
“But it’s fucking agony.”
“Well whose fault is it that you are in agony,” Tatiana replied stifling her hysterical laughter as best as she could. “Not mine.”
“Don’t remind me. I just wanted everything to be perfect for you.”
“And everything was perfect, until this.”
 “I know but today’s our special day and I wanted it to last longer than it ever had.”
“That’s really sweet and everything Rob,” Tatiana giggled. “But I’m sure two Viagra tablets and a cock ring weren’t necessary.”


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Naomi said...

Oh Julez you gave me a big laugh. I feel for his pain but maybe he should have prepared a bit better. Certainly by reading the instructions properly. I hope the night improves.

Patricia Logan said...

And she laughs... oh how cruel. Sorry Rob thought he needed so much help! Nice one Julez

Angelica Dawson said...

Hahaha! Silly silly boy. So much for an long 'enjoyable' night. ;)

gemma parkes said...

Ouch! How painful would that be? Silly man, but l suppose his intentions were sweet!

diannehartsock said...

Oh heavens, poor man! Let's hope the pills wear off soon. Ouch.