Thursday, 2 August 2012

Transsexual Thursday 7

As it's Thursday I have once again come down into The Crypt to bring you even more images of some of the most beautiful women in the world as I continue my quest to get transsexuals accepted by society as equals, not just sex objects.


Rose Venkatesan is an Indian celebrity based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. She is a transgender, and has been active in many fields like television and radio. She was born in 1980, and raised as a boy named Ramesh Venkatesan. Rose became aware of her femininity when she was young around five years old and felt uncomfortable being a boy. She started dressing as a woman when she was in her early twenties.
Rose made her television debut in the talk show Ippadikku Rose which aired on Vijay TV. The show dealt with current affairs touching a wide variety of social issues including traditions, taboos, rebels and culture. The show began in February 2008 and ended in April 2009, with Rose shifting to Kalaignar TV for the show Idhu Rose Neram in July 2009. Having ended her television career in 2010, she became a Radio Jockey at BIG FM 92.7 in June 2011.
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Argentinian Florencia De La V began life in 1976 as Roberto Carlos Trinidad, but she has since gone on to be one of the most recognizable transgendered actresses in the world. De La V has appeared on soap operas, in magazines, in clubs, and was once the editor of a magazine. She is currently married to a man and the mother to twin babies conceived via surrogate.

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Harisu is a transsexual pop singer, model and actress from South Korea. Born biologically male, Harisu identified as female from early childhood, and underwent sex reassignment surgery in the 1990s. She is noted for being South Korea’s first transgender entertainer, and in 2002 became only the second person in Korea to legally change their gender. Her stage name is an adaptation of the English phrase “hot issue”.

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Brazilian model Roberta Close was the first pre-operative transsexual model to pose for the Brazilian edition of Playboy magazine. After undergoing gender reassignment surgery in 1989, Close posed nude for a Brazilian men’s magazine called Sexy and was then voted “Most Beautiful Woman in Brazil.”
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Thailand’s own Sirapassorn, also known as Sammy. Atthayakorn was named Miss International Queen in 2011′s pageant.

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Naomi said...

Lovely pictures Julez. Beautiful ladies, no-one could ever guess the way they were born. You always fill your blog with interesting posts that I love to look at, you have a great mind.

Muffy Wilson said...

And I ditto Naomi!! I love to visit your blog!!:) xo