Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser: A strange kind of love

Creatures of the Night welcome once again to another Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser. 
200 words crafted from a single picture into a short tale, this week a tale to make you think, to chill the bones.

A strange kind of love

Sitting alone on the bench I stared out across the water, staring at nothing in particular, wondering why I was back here again, why I put myself through this torture year after year. Ever since that first day you had been in my head, under my skin. I couldn’t close my eyes without seeing you, without hearing the soft sensuality of your voice yet I knew once I opened them I would be alone.
The hour was getting nearer and I knew that soon you would appear by my side, just as you had every year since we had first met at this exact spot. The sky began to darken, the storm clouds began gathering and the wind started to increase, yet still I waited.
All my friends said I was losing my mind, and occasionally I thought that maybe they were right, but then our day would come and once again I would be at our bench just waiting for you. They just didn’t understand how I could go through the same ritual year after year, for a woman that I had never held, never kissed.
A woman that had died many years before the first day we met.


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Naomi said...

Oooh a mystical eerie teaser, laced with a love so deep. I hope she never disappoints him. Wonderful Julez

Muffy Wilson said...

Julez, what a yearning, unrequited lovely love post. So, wistful and hopeful. Love always requires patience, but this is a dedication. I loved it. I love the photo and your soulful teaser.:) xo

diannehartsock said...

Julez, that was wonderfully beautiful. So well written. I thought he was meeting a ghost of a past lover, but that twist at the end added that perfect touch of eerieness. Loved it.

Don Abdul said...

Oh wow! What a beautifully written tease... Draws you in in an eerie sort of way.
Bravo Julez.

Anonymous said...

Unexpected, strange and ethereal. The words fit perfectly with the photograph. This is indeed an excellent tease.

VenusBookluvr said...

Fantastic TTT! Love the scene you set here.