Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser: LOVE RE-IGNITED

Greetings Creatures of the Night. Once again Tuesday is upon us and, normally, that can only mean one thing. However this day is different for not only is it Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser day it is also the first ever Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser's Summer Blog Hop, and as with all blog hops comes prizes.

So what are the prizes, and how do we win, then? I hear you all cry.

I am glad you asked because I shall tell you. Once you have read my TTT for this week all you have to do is leave a comment and all those that do shall be placed into a hat, well a random generator over at www.random.org, and the first name drawn will win a £10 Amazon Gift Card. But that is not all, oh no, as the next two names drawn will each win a £5 Amazon Gift Card.

Now the boring bit (RULES)

You must leave a comment before 23:59:59 on Monday 20th August to be eligible for entry.

And that's it.

Now on with the tease.

Damon had convinced me that a holiday, by the coast, was all that we had needed so reluctantly I had gone along with him. The truth was our relationship had been dying a slow, painful, death for the last couple of months. Our sex life was virtually non-existent with just one quick fuck a month, if we were lucky, and that was without any sort of romance or even foreplay. I even tried to get out of the trip, saying work couldn’t do without me, but he had phoned my boss and squared everything with him.
Now though as I looked deep onto his eyes, my legs wrapped firmly around his back, my hands gripping his shoulders tightly as we made the sort of passionate love we used to make I was ecstatic that he had made that phone call.
Gone was the person I hardly recognized, replaced instead by the man I had fallen in love with, the man who had promised me so much the first time we made love, and as I felt his cock twitch violently deep in my ass and his seed flooding into me Damon looked into my eyes lovingly and smiled.
“Marry me,” he whispered.


I hope you enjoyed my offering this week and also hope that you will visit all the other wonderful writers taking part in, not only Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser but also TTT Summer Blog Hop, which the links for both can be found below.

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Don Abdul said...

How sweet. Don't we all just love happy endings.
Great Job Julez.

Naomi said...

How romantic. The holiday was definitely necessary.I hope he says yes. Great teaser

The AfterDark World with Ray Sostre said...

Holy shit! What an explosive, yet romantic scene. Great teaser!

Anonymous said...

Oh Julez, I loved this! Romantic and sexy and I'm a sucker for happy endings. I want to know their whole story now. :)

Lee Brazil said...

oh I agree- I'd definitely like to know more about these folks!

S. J. Maylee said...

Two that are better together then apart. So Romantic. I felt his sadness turn into bliss. Beautiful.

Savannah Chase said...

So very romantic. You did another fantastic tease.

Mary said...

Love the tease!

Pablo Michaels said...

Fantastic romantic scene! You left me wondering if this ocean retreat would work. It left me wanting to see if their relationship worked out afterwards.

Emily said...

Ahhh, so sweet! Thanks for sharing!


Anonymous said...

Unexpected - romantic - sexy. Adds new meaning to phrases like 'Cock-tail' and 'Sex-on-the-beach'. Great tease. ;)

Havan said...

You are expanding on this right? So great that their relationship wasn't over! <3