Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser: Cuffed

Well my Children of the Night Tuesday is upon us and I am back to once again tease you in just 200 words.

This week I have really struggled to get any sort of ideas or even write a single sentence so please forgive me if this isn't one of my best, I hope my form and ability will return soon.


Hearing the door open for the third time I struggled to sit up. I hadn’t got a clue how long I had been here, or even why I was here, the only thing I did know was that I was naked and I only knew that because three times during daylight hours at least two people would enter the room, feed me some sort of slop, wash my body down and then leave, all without saying a word.
At first I had struggled against my restraints only for whoever was holding me to tighten them, just enough to cause discomfort if I struggled, just not enough to leave me needing medical attention.
I would only know when it was daylight because what I assumed was the sun would bathe my body in warmth for a few hours before I again felt the chill creeping over my flesh, at which time someone would enter and cover my nakedness with a thin sheet. I heard whispers, male and female, every time the door opened but this time was different, this time whoever had entered spoke directly to me
“Time to start earning your keep slave,” a stern female voice snapped. “Release him.”


Now you have read my little tease why don't you be good Children of the Night and go and read all the other teases that my good friends have written for your delectation, after all you wouldn't want to make the Dark Souls unhappy would you?

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Naomi said...

I so hope you are going to carry this story on. Will he enjoy being trained, or try to escape? It has the makings of a really good book. I love your teaser Julez. You always come up with something really special.

Molly Synthia said...

Wow. Excellent tease. I like the mundane, routine, the understanding of the way time passes and then the sudden change of events.

Great job!

Muffy Wilson said...

Wicked, Julez. The monotony, the daily drone, the casting of cool and heat with the passage of time. Well done, but you scared me in the end. What is next for this poor soul, I fear the worst...........and the best. Loved it, Julez:) xo

Yvonne Nicolas said...

I felt every bit of his torment. However, I do wonder what he’s gonna be forced to do to earn his keep. Great flash!