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Promo and Interview with Melissa Keir

Welcome once again Children of the Night to another Interview and Promo double. Today's guest is the very talented Melissa Keir.


First of all I would just like to say welcome to The Crypt and thank you for stopping by today. Thank you for allowing me to visit The Crypt.

Why don’t you introduce yourself to my Creatures of the Night and tell us a little about yourself. My name is Melissa Keir. I’m a mild mannered elementary teacher during the day before coming home to my family.  Like the Brady Bunch, my family is a mixture of his, mine and ours- His two sons, my son and daughter and our two puppies. We enjoy the too short Michigan summers and extremely cold winters.

When did you first begin to write? Was there a specific moment or did something happen to make you think ‘I could be a writer’? I have been writing most of my life so there wasn’t that “a-ha” moment.  Writing was a part of who I was. Back in school, I wrote stories for my Barbie’s to act out. In high school, I wrote ridiculous and campy horror stories during free typing time to entertain my friends. I also wrote sappy love poems about boys during high school. Then I put fictional writing aside for quite a few years while I focused on my degree and raising a family. After my children were born, I wrote for an online fan newspaper for my favourite soap opera and wrote musings on life as an adult and parent.

What are you currently working on? Would you mind giving the readers a quick synopsis in 100 words or less? Marcus Pigg is the second Pigg brother and while he is quick to laugh and joke, he is all business when it comes to the investigation business that his family runs. When a little old lady is kidnapped and held for ransom, it is up to Marcus to find her before different pieces of the little old lady arrive in the mail.

Where do you draw your inspiration for your stories, characters and settings? I like to draw inspiration from news reports, magazine articles, and the personal lives of my family and friends. My Wilder Sisters series is set in my hometown in Ohio.

Is there one particular genre you prefer writing in and is there a genre you would never attempt and if so why? I enjoy writing contemporary romance because most people can relate to the stories. They are the stories of their lives. Historical romance is an area that scares me. I couldn’t live in the past with no grocery stores or washing machines.

If you weren’t a writer/ couldn’t write anymore what would you do? I guess typing is out too… then I guess I would run a bed and breakfast. I do love taking care of a house and making guests feel welcome.

If you could become a member of the opposite sex for 24 hours what would be the first thing you would do? Go pee my name in the snow! It just seems like such fun!

Which fantasy creature/being do you like the most? I would love to be a witch like Samantha on Bewitched.

If you could be your favourite fantasy figure what would be the first thing you would do? Wiggle my nose and change my outfit and hairstyle a few dozen times.

What scares you the most? Seeing my children hurt. As a parent, it is the single worst thing in my life.

Favourite film? The Valley Girl. It was an early Nic Cage movie.

Worst film you have ever seen? I try to find something that I enjoy about every movie. Otherwise I feel that I’ve wasted my time and money.

Favourite book? Now it feels like you are asking me about which of my children is my favourite.  You can’t have just one!

When you go shopping what is the one thing that you always HAVE to buy? I always have to have some kind of frozen pizza in the house. You know that pizza isn’t just for dinner! 

Going back to favourite film write an erotic scene featuring the main characters in 100 words or less. The prom was a bust, Julie shouldn’t have allowed her friends to convince her to go without Randy. Sitting at one of the flawlessly decorated tables, Julie sighs and runs her hand along her thigh, wishing that Randy was sitting next to her and that her hand was really his own. She carefully inched her dress up over her knees, then thighs until the dress sat just above the drenched crotch of her panties. Grasping her neon pink panties, she slips them over her mound allowing the air in the gymnasium to caress her damp strawberry curls.

And finally, just for a light hearted end to the interview.
What words would you want etched on your tombstone? Here she lay to rest, Melissa who wrote from the heart and created stories that melted yours.

Thank you for joining me today and I would like to wish you all the best in future endeavours. Thank you for allowing me to visit The Crypt…and come out alive! 

Now we know a little bit more about Melissa why don't you join me as we take a look at two examples of her excellent work.


Can a summer fling last a lifetime? Stacey Wilder escapes to the beach for a much needed vacation and meets a woman who tempts her passion. But Stacey hid her desires growing up because small town Catholic girls don't fall in love with other women.

Mandy Kenzie is a Southern girl who also dealt with discrimination growing up over her choice of lovers. When she meets Stacey, sparks fly and passion ignites. But will their beach fling become a forever match or just a vacation affair?

Can Stacey and Mandy make their long distance relationship work? Or will they let the prejudices of their upbringing ruin their chance at happiness?


Dinner with Mandy was perfect. We had a lot in common, finding that we both shared a passion for muscle cars. Most of our discussion was innocent, yet the desire for each other simmered under the surface.

“When did you realize you were a lesbian?” she inquired as she reached over to put her hand on top of mine.

The touch of her skin on mine caused my pussy to clench. Her full lips drew my gaze. I thought about kissing them, running my tongue along them before nibbling on her bottom lip. Focusing on her question, I knew she would understand my thoughts and fears.

“I’ve known since I was a teenager. I left my hometown after graduation, never looking back. Now my sister is getting married. She asked me to be a part of her wedding party. I really don’t want to go back to Amherst to face my past, but since my dad has Alzheimer’s, I’m afraid if I don’t go back for the wedding, I won’t see him again in this lifetime.”

“I understand. Living in the South, being different was frowned upon. I hid my desires as well. Luckily times have changed. I’m able to express my needs now, rather than hide them.

Why are you so afraid to go back to your hometown?”

Speaking to Mandy about my past and my life was easy. I felt an instant connection to her in addition to the desire I had for her body.

“My town was very small. The people were small minded. If you didn’t have a boyfriend, you were teased. So I pretended to like guys, even “dated” some to keep my secret. Even with my family’s support, I’m nervous about going back and facing the people I knew. I’m worried about what they will think of me.”

“I understand your fears. However, you shouldn’t worry about them. You are a successful, caring person. Who you love doesn’t have anything to do with what kind of person you are. Let’s get out of here. Would you like to take a walk on the beach? I love the beach at night.”

“I’d love to. There is something about the waves crashing and the feeling of being alone in the world that I love,” I answered with a smile. “This has been a wonderful dinner. I’m enjoying getting to know you.”

The drive back to the condominium was quiet as we were each lost in our own thoughts. Anxious to get Mandy alone on the beach, I wanted to steal a kiss. I’d been fantasizing of her lips all night and couldn’t wait to see if they felt as soft as they looked.

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Betsie Wolfe was a small town girl who left her cozy little life for a job in the big city. She never expected to become a witness to a murder or face vicious threats. Detective Jonah Pigg was immediately attracted to Betsie’s lavender eyes and small frame huddled in the gray wool blanket when he arrived on the scene of the murder.

When threats on Betsie's life surface, Jonah takes her into his home under the protection of the three Pigg’s who own the Pigg Agency. It will take all of his detective work to keep her safe. Passion has a way of igniting when people are in stressful situations and lust leads Betsie and Jonah into each other’s arms. But is their relationship only a matter of desire or is it something more?

Excerpt from Protecting His Wolfe

She’d never been so chilled. Huddled in a blanket in one of those uncomfortable waiting room chairs, Betsie was shaking after the horror of what happened.

Johnny is…was…had been such a nice guy to me. He made sure to always say good morning to me and treated me with respect. Who could’ve done this? Betsie wondered if it had anything to do with what she overheard the other night. Could Johnny have been involved with the drugs?

With many thoughts going through her mind, Betsie didn’t hear the police detective walk over to her. He cleared his throat and put his hand on her shoulder to get her attention.

“Yikes, you startled me!” Betsie yelped as her cheeks burned from embarrassment.

Looking up at the detective, Betsie noticed first how tall he was, and then she noticed his broad shoulders under his tan jacket. This is a guy who looked like he could take care of himself, she thought. Betsie couldn’t seem to draw her eyes away from him. His dark hair was cut military short, drawing your gaze to his deep blue eyes. I’ve always been a sucker for blue eyes.

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Gemma K. Murray said...

What a great interview! I've now had to add another book to my TBB list:)

Melissa Keir said...

Thank you Gemma! And Thank you Julez for having me in the Crypt! I am sure not too many people talking about a crypt say it was a fun place to visit but you make this time together special!