Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser: Guilty, I guess

Greetings once again my wonderful friends and followers. It is time yet again for another Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser and this week, following all the furore about people downloading pictures to use I thought long and hard about whether to partake. 

But me being me thought 'FUCK IT' and here is my 200 word teaser, which I hope you will find quite apt and maybe it will even raise a smile ;)


“All rise.”
Rising from my seat slowly I turned my head towards the judge’s door, almost falling back into my seat as the judge walked gracefully through. Instead of the decrepit, old, half-deaf, man that I was expecting in walked one of the most attractive women I had ever seen.
Standing at least six foot tall, in her stiletto heels and covered by her black judge’s robe she looked gorgeous. Her periwig, instead of being the dirty, off-white, colour I associated with judges was brilliantly white and her entire outfit was topped off by a pair of gold-rimmed spectacles, which made her look  more secretary than judge.
“So Mr Morbius you are before me today for your continued use of images, that you do not hold the rights to. How do you plead?”
“Guilty I guess,” I replied arrogantly.
I could hardly believe the picture I had downloaded and made up a small piece of fiction out of had led to this.
“Sure of yourself aren’t you Mr. Morbius?”
“Well all...”
“Silence!! Bailiff bring Mr. Morbius to my chambers. We shall see how sure of himself he is this afternoon.”
“Court adjourned!!” The usher bellowed and, as the judge left, the bailiff grabbed my arm.


Don't forget now you have finished with me, and my little tease, be sure to visit all the other wonderful authors that are taking part, at the link below, and enjoy their offerings as well.


Anonymous said...

Ooooh...You naughty boy! heeheehee Loved this tease. Such a great spin in light of recent events. Well done! :)

diannehartsock said...

Such a bad boy! You'll be punished severely. Enjoy! Fun tease, by the way! :)

Anonymous said...

Such great descriptions in this! I could have read on and on!

Muffy Wilson said...

Oh, Julez.......that was so cute and sexy!! I wonder if she will sentence you to a life of "hard time" in her chambers!!! You always never fail to entertain:) xo

Don Abdul said...

Julez you're a genius! I love this very promising tease... But of course you realize now that you have to let us in on the goings on in Her Ladyships chambers.... right? LOL

Naomi said...

LOL Bad boy! I bet you'll enjoy that punishment. Pity we didn't find out more Excellent idea for a teaser. Very entertaining

gemma parkes said...

Ha Ha! Loved this post Julez,sexy and funny and so realistic! Honestly l've heard about this woman, she is coming back for more!

Bonni S. said...

Bad boy!!! I wanted to know more about his punishment though. Great tease.