Thursday, 21 June 2012

Transsexual Thursday

Welcome Children of the Night to a new feature here in The Crypt, a feature I got the idea for from a very good friend of mine Sherry M. Palmer. Every week she brings a collection of stunning BBW (Big Beautiful Women) images for the people to feast their eyes on to show that the bigger lady can be just as stunning as any other woman on this planet.

And it was her blog that gave me this idea. As you all know by know I write transsexual romances as well as gay male fiction, and currently have two transsexual love stories, Star Search and Addicted to Charlie, available to buy but some, not all, people still have view that the transsexual female is nothing more than a man in drag and I want to show you that this isn't the case. 

I firmly believe that transsexual women have as much right as any other straight, gay, lesbian or bisexual person to live their lives as they wish and be accepted, not shunned and ridiculed, by society for doing so. I also believe that there is a hell of a lot of absolutely stunning looking transsexuals out there in the world and wanted to show you all as well. 

So without further ado I am pleased, proud and honoured to bring you the first few ladies that I have chosen to feature.

I think you will all agree that these ladies possess astounding beauty, and if you do comments would be most appreciated, and I hope you join me each and every Thursday as I bring transsexuals into the mainstream, where they have a rightful place.

This is Julez S Morbius saying remember to keep your necks clean, you never know when I shall pop by for a bite.


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Ana Hart said...

Very pretty, Julez! Thanks for sharing :)

-Ana Hart from XOXO and All That Jazz