Thursday, 3 May 2012

Onanism at the office

Onanism at the office
Life stunk. I was single, lived in a small, one-bedroom flat and worked at an office full of women, doing a job I absolutely detested. Yet I was stuck. I couldn’t find any other employment, and believe me I had tried, the money I earned just about covered my basic living expenses, so there was no chance of me going out at night enjoying myself, and maybe finding a partner and I had become resigned to that being my life until the day I died.
Every day I would trudge into the office and spend the day listening to the dozen women that worked there talking about their partners, their enjoyable lives and, worse of all, their sex lives. People said men were crass when it came to talking about sex but some of the things I heard would make most men blush. Stories of all-night sex sessions,  threesomes, swinger parties, orgies and lesbianism filled the office day after day, all talked about in the most intimate, graphic detail. I felt like I knew every single one of them more than I would if I had slept with them and today was no exception.
Two of the women, both in their mid-thirties, had come in together, both looking like they hadn’t had enough sleep, giggling like naughty schoolgirls. Watching them closely throughout the morning I noticed the two of them continuously touching each other whenever they were close enough and thought no-one could see, looking at each other longingly and disappearing to the ladies room, together, on at least three occasions.
All the other women had noticed as well but, unlike me, they weren’t as indiscreet. Laughter and joviality filled the room as, one by one, the two women were questioned on their behavior and all I could do was listen as graphic details of the night before filled the office, Details of what started out as two work colleagues going out for a quick drink turned into a few hours at a club followed by a drunken fumble in the club’s toilets before they jumped in a taxi and headed back to one of theirs.
From then the details became more and more intimate and not something I’d have thought they wanted everyone to know about, especially a man, as they described kissing, undressing each other slowly, prolonged oral sex before spending what was left of the night making passionate love. By the time they had finished it felt like I had actually been in the room with them, I knew them that intimately, and I also had another problem. The descriptions had given me the biggest, hardest erection I could remember having for a long time.
Reaching under my desk, making sure nobody was watching me, I squirmed in my seat as I tried to arrange the hardness in my trousers so it wasn’t as uncomfortable, and realized that their descriptions had turned me on so much pre-cum had begun to seep from my glans. Feeling embarrassed, even though no-one knew, I stood up and, doing my best to hide the obvious bulge in my trousers I quickly scurried to the men’s room.
Once inside I entered one of the stalls, locking the door behind me, and dropped my trousers and boxers releasing the pressure that had built up. My cock throbbed as I wrapped my hand around the base of the shaft, the swollen, purple head glistening with the pre-cum I had felt at my desk, and I closed my eyes and began to stroke my cock.
Using my free hand to lean against the toilet door I stroked slowly, my head filled with the image of my two colleagues naked and writhing around on the bed, and quickly began to move my hand quicker. As I jerked my cock rapidly my breathing became more and more erratic, and I began gasping for breath the closer I got to my climax.
Tensing my whole body I felt my legs begin to tremble as I struggled to maintain control, my balls tightening as the image I had in my mind became even clearer, and with a long, low gasp my cock began to twitch in my hand and the first eruption of cum exploded from the end, and against the toilet door. Yet instead of just finishing there an then, my release whole, I stood and continued to milk my cock until there was nothing left.
Only once I was completely drained did I open my eyes and, as I watched my seed running down the door, I reached behind me for something to clear it up but found I had picked the one stall that had run out of paper. Hurriedly I dressed myself and opened the door, grabbing some paper from the adjacent stall and quickly cleaned the mess I had made before rinsing my face down and heading back into the office to my desk.
As I began to start work again one of the women walked over to me and bent down.
“You know if you let me watch you next time maybe I’ll let you watch me,” she whispered into my ear before walking away slowly.


Jade said...

Oh to be a fly in that stall!
What a wonderful way to wake up. Thank you Julez

Sherry Palmer said...

I think I have decided to forgo coffee every morning and just on by here for my daily "pick me up". Hot Diggety Damn that was hot. Like the lady in the story I would love to actually "watch" next time. Well actually I would rather participate, I hate seeing such good cream going to waste. ;)