Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The best way to wake (A tale of male masturbation)

The best way to wake (A tale of male masturbation)

Waking as I always did, to the soft volume from the bedside radio-alarm clock, alone, and hard, I looked around the room at the art that adorned the scarlet coloured walls. Six pictures, each depicting different, strikingly beautiful, gothic women, in various states of undress stared back at me as my eyes travelled from picture to picture, my gaze resting on each one for a few seconds before moving to the next.
For too long my day had started the same way and, as I stretched to my full six feet three inches, I began to wonder what I had to do to find the woman of my dreams, the woman that wouldn’t look out of place as a model for one of the pictures on my wall. I had joined every internet site that I could find which catered to my taste in women, spending hours on formulating what I hoped was the perfect profile, all to no avail.
As I continued to admire my pictures, thinking of the day that my perfect woman would be beside me, I allowed my hand to slip under the black and red satin duvet cover. Tracing my fingers around my hard nipples and down over my taut, muscular, six-pack, I wrapped my fingers around my thick, hard shaft.
Closing my eyes I pictured her naked and tattooed body next to me, her hand around my cock, not my own, and began to stroke my full seven inches. Slowly, and lightly, I moved my hand up and down my shaft, the image of her firmly in my mind, her gorgeous, pale face staring down at me, her firm, pert tits bouncing gently, as she continued to tease me slowly towards my inevitable ejaculation.
Moaning softly I began to increase the speed of my stroking, not enough to make me cum, enough so I could feel the beginning of my body preparing itself for the ultimate release. My breathing started to increase, I tensed my whole body, my legs started to tremble and my hand began to move faster and faster with each stroke. My balls, heavy and full, tightened and I opened my eyes, my stare firmly fixed on the picture directly opposite the end of my king size bed, as my cock twitched for the first time.
Quickly throwing the cover from my body I gasped as the first thick stream of my, white, milky liquid exploded violently from my cock, splashing down on my chest just under my chin. Gripping my shaft in my hand I continued to stroke myself, each further explosion of cum splashing further and further down my body until, finally, the last drop I had to give struggled from the slit in my cock and  slowly dripped onto my stomach.
As I lay there, my cock softening slowly in my hand, I ran my finger up my body through the streams of cum, tracing around my hard nipples yet again as my breathing slowly returned to normal.
“I will find you one day,” I moaned softly, as I continued to stare at my pictures.


Muffy Wilson said...

Julez, all I can say! I can just picture you enjoying yourself, eyes slightly parted, hand diligently responding to inspiration....well, I can just picture you now. Thank you for the delightful start to my day :) xo

Sherry Palmer said...

Hot Damn that was hot. One of my biggest turn ons is watching a man pleasure himself and having him watch me. Wow I hope you find your lady soon cause she is going to be one lucky lady. I envy her waking up to that scene in the morning. Thank you for the awesome sexy way to start my day. Also for teaching me that there was a Masturbation "month"...hell in my world that is every day. ;)

Tessa said...

*steadies self against the wall with one hand* oh my... I'm feeling quite light headed... what a fantastic... soliloquy... stunning!

Naomi said...

Hot damn Julez! I could picture every second. Like Sherry, watching a man is a huge turn on for me as well as being watched. Well written