Monday, 21 May 2012


Tomorrow it is Tantalizing Tuesday Time and this week I found two pictures. This one was going to be next weeks teaser but as I love you all so much I am bringing it to you now.


“Hi baby,” Carmen said as her fiancĂ© walked through the door.
“Happy Birthday sweetheart,” I answered handing her the large bouquet of flowers I had bought for her. “I booked us a table for nine o’clock.”
“Oh you haven’t,” she said. “I have a much better surprise for you than that.”
“But it’s your birthday not mine,” I responded. “You’re the one that should enjoy the surprises.”
“Believe me baby I am going to really enjoy this one.”
Walking over to me she pecked me lightly on the cheek, took hold of my hand and led me out of the living room.
“What’s going on Carmen?” I asked.
“Trust me babe,” she replied. “Tonight we are both going to get what we have always wanted.”
Racking my brains, trying to think what she meant, I was shocked, but also slightly excited, as she led me up the stairs. Reaching for our bedroom door handle she stopped and looked at me.
“Close your eyes and promise not to look,” she whispered sexily.
Doing as she asked I hear our door open and she led me inside.
“Surprise!!!” she suddenly called out.
Opening my eyes I was shocked to see the two naked men lying on our bed, looking up and smiling, at me.
“What the fuck?”
“Baby tonight we are both going to get what we have always wanted.”
“What do you mean?” I asked keeping my eyes on the two naked men.
“Well you’ve always gone on about wanting a threesome,” Carmen began. “And the thought of seeing you in one began to really turn me on.”
“But those two and us make four.”
“True but I am going to be sitting over there,” Carmen said pointing to the chair in the corner of the room. “Watching you have your fucking threesome.”
Before I could protest any further she had pushed me in the centre of my back, causing me to fall onto the bed between the two men.”
“Baby that’s Marcus,” she said pointing to one of the men. “The other is Dave, now undress and play nicely.”
With that she sat in the chair and smiled to herself.

I hope you enjoy this short tale and rejoin me tomorrow for my Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser

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