Thursday, 19 April 2012

Thursday Titillation: A Little M/M

"I have never been sucked off like that by anybody." He said.

"Hope it was okay for you." I answered.

"It was better than okay and I'm going to repay the favour, if you will let me."

"I wish you would." I said and lay back on his bed.

After swallowing all of his cum I knew I wanted to feel his mouth around the end of my cock, and now we were alone it felt a lot more intimate. I began to stroke my cock, making it as hard as it would go, for Terry while he ran his tongue over my shaft. His warm breath against my skin felt wonderful and I urgently pulled his head onto my cock. 

As soon as the wet, warmth of his mouth touched me I shivered and gasped but refused to let his head go. He sucked and licked my cock furiously and it wasn't long until I felt the first tightening in my balls. I held his head in place in position as he sucked and I quickly, and forcefully, came in his mouth. Just like I had Terry sucked every drop from my body and when I couldn't cum anymore he crawled, slowly, up my body and began to kiss me passionately.

We were so wrapped up in each other's bodies, kissing hard and fast, that we didn't hear the bedroom door click open slightly. We finished kissing and lay on our sides facing each other, our hands holding and stroking each other's cocks, until Terry looked me straight in the eyes.

"Paul please will you fuck me?" He asked.

"I would love to I'm so glad you asked me." I answered and slowly rolled him on to his front.

Paul got on to his knees and raised his ass in the air and, for the first time ever, I was looking down at another man's ass and about to fuck it. Apart from a few hairs it looked no different to all the women's asses I had seen and I eased myself between his legs , holding on to his ass as I did so.

"Have you got any lubrication Terry?" I asked.

"In the top drawer of the dresser." He answered.

I reached over and opened the drawer, found what I was looking for and closed it again. Opening the tube I squeezed a generous dollop into the palm of my hand and proceeded to rub it all over the whole length of my cock and, with what was left I smothered Terry's tight little ass making sure my cock would slide in easily.

"Are you ready for this Terry?" I asked.

"Just fuck me Paul I need your cock in my ass." He answered. "And don't stop until you cum."

Holding his ass tightly I slowly pushed my cock against his ass, it's opening contracting as I did so, meaning I had to push harder. Eventually after a lot of pushing the head of my cock broke through, entering his ass, causing him to whimper in pain.

"Are you okay Terry?" I asked concerned at his whimper.

"Yes Paul just fuck me until we both cum." He virtually begged.

I slowly pushed my cock deeper into his ass until my balls slapped against his ass, and only then did I start to rhythmically push in and out of him. Each time I went in he gasped and after a few minutes I felt him reach between his legs and start wanking his own cock. My thrust became faster, and more forceful, and I soon felt myself building up to ejaculation.

"Terry I'm going to cum." I told him.

"Yes Paul cum and fill my ass for me." Terry begged. "I want to feel your cum shooting into me."

Two or three thrusts later I couldn't hold back any longer and, even though I had not long cum in his mouth, I began to squirt my fluids into him. I reached around and brushed his hand away, gripping his cock and began top wank him furiously. With every thrust, and every drop of cum that entered him, I pulled his cock back willing him to cum and eventually he did all over my hand and the bed sheets.

We collapsed in a heap of sweat, sex and cum when light beamed into the room.

"That was the most erotic thing either of us have ever seen." Marie said.

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