Monday, 30 April 2012

Publisher Appreciation Week

Publisher Appreciation Week

Julez S Morbius is my name. Only Julez S Morbius wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the vision of one company. Unlike a lot of erotica authors I don’t always conform to the tried and tested formulas of f/f, m/m, m/f/m et al I write a lot of transgender fiction, a genre that isn’t as popular or as widely written and like my writing my publisher is taking erotica to a new, fresh, hotter place and that is because of one woman. One woman that had a vision of the future, a woman that wasn’t, and will never be, scared to try something new. And that woman was Gina Kincade and from that vision Naughty Nights Press was born.
Naughty Nights Press is the future of erotica and I, along with a number of other extremely talented writers, am grateful for the opportunity given. I had been writing for a few years, and submitting to a free read site, never thinking I was good enough for anything more but someone did see something in me that nobody else ever had and that person was Penny Peterssen, editor for Naughty Nights Press and Gina Kincade’s right hand woman.

Between Gina and Penny I was given the encouragement to submit a manuscript that had been sitting on the free read site for months, and Star Search, a tale of love and romance featuring the Third Sex, was born. Since then I have submitted, and had accepted, two short stories that are soon to appear in The Boys Club, a gay male anthology, as well as Addicted to Charlie, another tale of transgender love and romance.
I am now contracted to write exclusively for Naughty Nights Press and for all what they have done for me, and the chance they have given me, Gina, Penny, Naughty Nights Press and their cover artist, Shane Willis, I just want to show my appreciation. Too many writers take their publisher, editor and artists for granted but I am not one of those people. I know that without them there would be no Julez S Morbius, there would be no Crypt and I would still be submitting short stories to a free read site.
So Gina Kincade, Penny Peterssen and everyone connected with Naughty Nights Press I thank you and look forward to a long and fruitful writing career under your guidance.



Vampirique Dezire said...

Does, I think you have made my eyes well up mean anything to you?

Love you Julez and so glad to have found you and met you.

NNP Rocks and so does their authors!

*bites n kisses*

Jilly said...

NNP gave me a voice as an author, so I'll forever be grateful of being let into the family.

Forever grateful.


Sherry Palmer said...

That was an amazing post, it brought a tear to my eye and a smile to my face. I too owe NNP and its awesome staff very, very much. Without them my book would be just a dream.

I am very happy they found you Julez cause you have true talent, an open heart and a sweet soul.

Not many people acknowledge or appreciate the people behind the scenes of their books. You have done so very eloquently.

gemma parkes said...

Great post Julez, l am so pleased that everything is going so well for you. We all need support from those who know more than we do, that's how we learn. It's disgraceful when people think they are bigger and better than those advising them. Let's hope everything settles down for NNP.

Casey Kerwitz said...

I'm super glad Penny found you indeed, Julez, for without you and The Crypt, I wouldn't have been inspired to start my story, The Crypt.
We all learn and support each other, and should appreciate all we have to offer. Especially Gina, Penny, Shane and our editors. Without NNP a lot of us would still be lose when it comes to our writing. And the support our other writers helps even more.

Naomi said...

You rock Julez! Thanks for this post. NNP is the best. Mistress Gina has an uncanny knack of spotting new writing talent and gives the writers a chance. I'm proud to be a member of their family. Long may NNP reign. Their light shines on.