Friday, 2 March 2012

Paypal would hate this

Today for your entertainment I thought I would bring you a chapter from a story I wrote a while ago, a  story that Paypal, according to their new guidelines, would have real issues with.

When I next woke my head hurt even more and, to make matters worse, my arms were now chained to the headboard of the bed. I tried to lift up, even just a little bit, but it was impossible. I turned my head to the side to see if there was any way I could get out of the chains and saw Rachel sitting on a chair, completely naked.

"Oh look who has woken up again" She said softly. "Now we aren't going to scream again are we?"

"Just tell me why, after last night." I said almost pleading with her.

"I did tell you." She said. "Or weren't you fucking listening, just like all men don't listen to us women."

"I was listening." I said hoping to calm her down.

"So what did I say then?" She asked sarcastically.

"You're words were you couldn't let someone as good as me get away." I said.

"Oh so you were listening." Rachel said. "I suppose it's a start."

"But I never said I wanted to leave."

"But you would have done." She hissed. "Once you got out of that door I would never have heard from you again."

"Why do you think that?" I said. "I thought you were fucking amazing, I would definitely have come back to you."

"You'll say anything to get me to release you." Rachel said. "I'm not fucking stupid."

"Just get these fucking chains and straps off me now bitch." I screamed.

Rachel stood up and walked over to the bed, her tits swaying gently as she did so.

"I told you there would be no more shouting, but you wouldn't listen would you?" She hissed right in my face, her breath reeking of alcohol. "Well know there won't be."

As quick as a flash she reached under the bed and brought out a ball gag. Unable to do anything other than turn my head side to side I was unable to stop Rachel stuffing the ball into my mouth, before she dragged my head up by the hair and fastened it at the back.

"Shout now my sweet little Darren, go on try." She said her voice calm again.

I knew there would be no point trying so I just lay there, staring at her. Even in the position I was in I was unable to stop the thoughts of what I wanted to do to her running through my mind, and straight down to my cock, which hardened rapidly.

"Oh look someone likes what he says."Rachel said. "Maybe he would like to see this more."

She turned her back to me and bent down to touch her toes, giving me a perfect view of her tight little asshole, an asshole I had hoped to slide my cock into one day. Looking over her shoulder she could see I was staring, almost desperately, at her ass and began to slide her finger down, along the crack. I watched as she started to massage her tight hole before sliding a finger easily into it.

"Mmm that feels so good." She whimpered. "But I bet your cock would fill it better for me, shame you're all tied up at the minute."

I started to thrash wildly on the bed, hoping that somehow I could loosen the chains enough to get out.

"Oh looks like somebody wants to cum." Rachel said as she watched my wild thrashing. 

She straightened up and walked back over to me and grabbed at my cock. Her nails dug into the side but I was unable to scream out, and she started to wank me violently. Her hand moved up and down my shaft at an impossibly fast speed and it wasn't long before I felt the first signs that I was going to cum. I tensed my whole body, trying to stop myself, but it was no use and I came violently. Cum erupted from my cock straight into the air, and down onto my stomach, Rachel smiling down at me and still gripping me tight but pulling my cock slower now. 

Eventually I was totally drained, my stomach cover in my white sticky fluid, and Rachel just looked at the mess.

"Looks like somebody got a little too excited." She said and slapped my cock against my skin before walking back over to the chair.

I tried to squeeze out some words but the ball gag made it impossible.

"You came too quickly." She hissed. "I wasn't even close to being ready."

I muffled an apology, hoping that she would soon release me, and tell me it was all a big joke.

"Now I have to take care of myself." She continued. "And you better fucking watch me or you'll be sorry."

I couldn't believe what was happening to me. The first woman that had showed any interest in me, and not been turned off by my callipers, had turned from a nice girl with a voracious sexual appetite into a screaming, sexually depraved, deviant overnight.

"Are you watching Darren?" She asked. "Or do I come back over to that bed again."

I turned my head towards her, unsure what else she could have in store for me if I didn't, and did as she ordered. Rachel was sitting on the chair, with her legs apart, slowly rubbing at her pussy.

"This feels so good." She told me. "Shame I'm having to do it myself though."

Her hand started to rub faster when, suddenly, she plunged two fingers deep into her pussy and began to fuck herself. As her fingers rammed in and out of her pussy she began to, roughly massage her tits.

"Oh god I wish you were doing this Darren." She moaned, before removing her fingers and walking over to the bed.

She raised her hand and, fearfully, I flinched.

"Did Darren think I was going to hit him?" She asked, before running her juice soaked fingers through the pool of cum that she hadn't wiped of me.

She went to raise her fingers to her mouth but stopped, looked down at me, then wiped our mixed juices over my face and just under my nose before reaching under the bed yet again. The juices she had wiped over my face smelt wonderful and I felt my cock starting to harden yet again, Rachel noticing as it did so.

"You have had your turn." She said. "Now it's mine so there is no need your cock stiffening like that."

She pulled her hand from under the bed and showed me what she had retrieved, two large sex toys. One was a massive dildo than looked just like a real cock but it must have been at least twelve inches long and as thick as my wrist. The other one was a lot shorter and thinner but other than that looked similar to the first one. Rachel looked at my rock hard cock and, with a quick flick of the wrist hit the shiny purple end with the bigger of the two toys.

"Down boy." She said laughing, and walked back over to her chair.

My cock had started to soften after she hit it but that didn't last long. Opening her legs wide, as she sat on the chair, she started to slowly push the larger of the two sex toys deep into her pussy, moaning loudly the deeper it went in. As hard as I willed it not to my cock hardened while I watched her fuck herself with the monstrosity she had forced into herself, I couldn't tear my eyes away even if I wanted to. Her breathing became faster and harder the quicker she rammed the dildo into her pussy, and I could see her juices glistening on it each time she slightly removed it.

I began to wonder why she had got two toys, totally different sized toys, out but only used the bigger one when I soon had my answer. Shifting herself on the chair, the large dildo still inside her pussy, she took hold of the second one and ran it down over her body. At first she rubbed the outside of her pussy while still ramming the monster cock into herself, and I thought she was going to try and add the second one to her pussy as well.

My eyes were transfixed as she ran the smaller one down alongside the first toy and pushed it against her, over filled pussy, before letting it run further down between her legs. Opening herself as wide as she could I watched, amazed, as she started to nudge her tight little ass with the second toy. She was gripping the second toy tight and suddenly she pushed it into her ass, screaming as it went in, and started to ass fuck herself. 

With a toy in each and she began to fuck her pussy and ass at the same time, thrusting with one as she pulled back with the other and vice versa, screaming and moaning nonstop as she did so. Just watching her caused my cock to start twitching wildly and for the first time ever, without any assistance and while I was awake, I started to cum again. There wasn't as much as when she made me cum but there was enough and I felt Rachel staring at me as my cock twitched for the last time, and released the last drops.

"It looks like somebody enjoyed my little show." She gasped and, after removing both toys, got up and walked over to the bed again.

More muffled sounds came from behind the ball gag and Rachel looked at me with a mixture of lust, pity and disdain. She ran her fingers through the fresh cum that had pooled in my belly button and then sucked her fingers clean.

"Mmm that tastes really good Darren." She said reaching forward. "Now if you promise not to shout out or scream I shall remove your gag. Do you promise?"

I nodded my head she reached behind my head, undid the gag, removed it and dropped it on the bed next to me.

"Of course if you do shout and scream the gag gets replaced." She said close to my face. "Do you understand?"

"I understand Rachel but..." I started to say.

"But nothing Darren it is my rules or the gag goes in." She hissed running her fingers around my belly button again.

She finished hissing in to my face, climbed on to the bed and ran her finger around my belly button again. Suddenly, and before I could move, she rammed her fingers into my mouth. I gagged as she held my hair and ran them all around the inside of my mouth.

"I told you that you tasted good didn't?" She said and burst out laughing.

She then climbed on top of me, facing my cock, and lowered her juice filled pussy over my mouth.

"Lick my pussy Darren." She ordered grabbing my cock and lowering her head until I could feel her tongue flicking over the end of it. "Clean my juices all up."

I began to lap at her pussy, doing as she had ordered, and after a few minutes I felt her take the whole length of my cock to the back of her throat and begin sucking me. As I licked she pushed her pussy down, until I could hardly breath, grabbed hold of my callipers again and continued to give me the best blow job I had ever had. She bucked her hips wildly as she had yet another orgasm, her juices flooding in to my mouth like a tidal wave, and I couldn't stop myself cumming in to her mouth. The amount it felt like I was cumming must have filled her mouth and she climbed off my cock, once I had finished.

She turned to face me and held my hair again before lowering her face towards mine and, guessing what she was planning, I tried to keep my mouth shut. Feeling my resistance she pinched my nose and held it and, until I had no choice to open my mouth so I could breathe, she kissed me letting all the cum that she had kept in her mouth flood into mine, causing me to gag yet again.

"Seems like someone is beginning to enjoy the taste of themselves." She laughed.

"How fucking long do you intend to keep me here like this?" I asked her.

"Just until you realise that you can't live without me." She answered surprisingly calmly. "Now if you promise to be good I won't gag you again but I have some things to do."

"I won't do anything I promise." I lied, hoping that once she had left me I would be able to work myself free somehow.

"See how easy things can be." She said before bending down and kissing my cock and climbing off the bed.

She left me there and, after putting on a dressing gown, began to walk out of the room but stopped at the door.

"And just so you know those chains are a perfect fit and there will be no way for you to get them off." She said over her shoulder. "So don't even try."

Rachel had only been out of the room for about half a minute before I gripped the chains around my wrist and started to pull. She had been right, there was no way I would shift these and not quietly anyway. Giving up on the wrist restraints I tried to move my legs but, because of the reason I wore the callipers, the muscles weren't that strong and the result was the same as before.

For the time being I gave up, Rachel would have to go out and leave me in the flat alone before I tried again. Besides all my wriggling and straining was making my need to piss even worst, surely Rachel wouldn't expect me to just piss where I lay.

"Rachel!" I called out hoping she would come quickly.

I listened, hoping to hear her running back to the bedroom, but there was nothing.

"Rachel I need you here!" I called again and this time I did hear her footsteps.

"What the fuck did I tell you about shouting?" She yelled at me.

"I need to piss." I told her.

"Oh do you now?" She sneered. "Maybe I should just leave you to do it there."

"Please Rachel let me go I won't do anything stupid." I pleaded.

"Okay hang on and you better not." She hissed "Or else."

She left the room again, returning quickly, with a bucket, and undid one arm and one leg from their restraints. The chains were long enough for me to move to the edge of the bed.

"How can I piss lying like this Rachel?" I asked.

"Roll onto your fucking side and dangle your cock over the edge of the bed." She hissed. "And make sure it goes in the bucket not on my carpet."

I did as she said and a small trickle started to come from the end of my cock.

"Fucking pathetic is that it?" Rachel screamed. "Hurry up or I'll take the bucket away."

Forcing myself I managed to get a steady stream of piss towards the bucket, even though it was difficult.

"I love seeing a man piss, such a turn on." Rachel said. "Of course it's better if I am holding their cock."

Finally I finished pissing and went to use my free hand to make sure all the drops were off the end but Rachel stopped me.

"Leave it I want to do that." She said and walked to where I was lying.

She reached down and took hold of my cock before gently shaking it dry. 

"You have such a nice cock." She said holding, and admiring, it." I hope I get to keep this one.

"I told you that I would have come back." I said.

"It doesn't matter what you said." Rachel said. "Because you won't need to come back, seeing as you won't be leaving."

She kept hold of my cock and slowly sank to her knees. Slowly she began to jerk me off, just until my cock was rock hard, and then let it go.

"Seeing as you have a free hand I want to see you wank for me." She said.

"Are you fucking joking?" I asked and rolled onto my back.

Suddenly I felt a sharp sting against my legs. 

"What the fuck?" I called out.

"I told you that you will be released when you learn to do as you are told." She screamed. "Now do it unless you want more of this."

She stood up and waved a bamboo cane just in front of my face and, knowing I didn't have a lot of choice I took hold of my cock and began to jerk myself slowly.

"That's so much better Darren." She whispered dropping to her knees again. "Now turn on to your side."

I rolled over quickly and continued to jerk my cock until I felt the first tingling in my balls.

"I'm going to cum Rachel." I told her.

"Quicker then I want to see your cum explode from the end of your cock."

My hand moved faster and less than a minute later the first stream of cum erupted from the end of my cock. Rachel opened her mouth and caught some but a fair bit splashed over her face.

"Mmm that feels and looks so good." She said, running her fingers through the sticky mess.

Expecting her to ram her fingers into my mouth again I rolled onto my back, clamping my mouth shut, but the fingers never came. I turned my head to look and saw Rachel sucking my cum from her fingers.

"Tastes good as well." She said. "I'm having all this to myself."

Relieved I stayed on my back with my eyes shut, so didn't notice Rachel rise quietly and go around to the other side of the bed. Before I could stop her she had locked my free leg back into the restraints.

"I think I shall leave that hand free." She said. "Just in case you get the urge to wank again, but if you do you better fucking shout me."

Then she was gone again, back to whichever room she had come from, leaving the bucket of my own piss next to the bed. I just lay there looking at the ceiling trying to work out just what I needed to do to get her to remove my restraints. While I was like this she held all the cards, and she could do basically anything to me she wanted to. Next time she came in I decided to ask her, hoping that she wouldn't want anything too extreme.

Lying there alone in a bedroom devoid of any sound, naked and chained, I tried to pass the time away by listening carefully to see if I could hear what Rachel was up to and what room she might be in. It was difficult to make much out, mainly because Rachel moved about so quietly, but I did hear her occasionally go from room to room.

I must have eventually dozed off because the next thing I knew Rachel was shaking me by the shoulder and, when I opened my eyes, it was dark outside.

"I brought you some sandwiches." She said. "You haven't eaten since you got here."

In my predicament I hadn't even thought about food and, to be honest, wasn't sure if I wanted to eat anything she had prepared. I looked at the plate she had brought in and saw it was stacked high. There must have been a whole sliced loaf's worth, of all different fillings, on the plate. I could make out ham and cheese but that was all.

"Come on Darren eat up because you will need all your strength." She said noticing my reluctance to take one. "And I've told you there is no way I want to lose you so they are perfectly safe."

Believing what she said I picked one up, a ham one, and took a small bite. It was only once I had bitten it did I let my hunger take over and I started to eat them quickly. Rachel sat on her chair watching me and smiled.

"You are starting to do as you're told and trust me." She said. "That's very good Darren."

"Can we talk about this situation?" I asked her.

"Of course you can Darren we are a couple after all." She said.

Her response stunned me, she was totally convinced that I wouldn't go once I was freed, and that we would really live happily ever after.

"It's just that I thought we might be able to work out something about how I could prove I will do anything for you." I told her. "And if I do everything then you release me and we can be happy."

"Mmm I like the way you think Darren, very good." She said.

"You know something like five tasks that will, prove I'm being honest." I said thinking quickly.

"Something like that I will need to work out." She said. "And right now all I want is your cock again."

Rachel took the plate from the bed and put it near her chair, before letting her dressing gown fall to the floor. She had changed from her earlier underwear and stood before me wearing a pure white lace Basque, matching thong and suspenders. She looked stunning and if she hadn't got me in this position I would have happily fucked her all night long, and my cock must have agreed as well as it quickly stood fully to attention.

"I'm going to undo your other hand." She told me. "I want to feel both hands running all over my body, but if you try anything I'm sure I will think of a way to make you suffer."

She freed my other hand and I stretched and rubbed it, trying to get the full feeling back into it as she climbed on to the bed next to me. Her hand ran over my chest, pinching my nipples, before she let it come to rest on my cock. Wrapping her fingers around my shaft she gently started to jerk me off. Inadvertantly I reached one of my arms around her shoulders as she continued to stroke me, slowly getting quicker.

Considering how she had been with me her hands worked on my cock softly and I knew if she carried on like she was I wouldn't be able to stop myself cumming but she stopped jerking me, only to replace her hands with her mouth. The warm wetness caused a shiver to run through my body and I held the back of her head as she bobbed up and down on my cock, flicking her tongue over the end a few times as she did so.

"Please Rachel don't make me cum, not yet." I practically begged.

Sensing that I was near she stopped sucking and, slipping off her thong, she climbed on my chest before offering her pussy to my mouth. The sweet smell of her slightly damp pussy was beautiful and, as she lowered herself down, my tongue began to eagerly lick and suck her. Rachel writhed on my face as I continued with my tongue and soon she was cumming, her juices trickling out of her pussy, into my mouth and over my chin.

"Fuck me Darren I need to feel your cock in my pussy." She said taking herself away from my face and holding herself just above my cock. "Fuck me and hold me."

She took hold of my cock and lowered herself on to it slowly, gasping as it entered her, before starting to bounce slowly on it.

"Play with my tits Darren." She said. "Let me feel your rough hands massaging them."

I reached up and released her tits from the Basque and started to play with them, quite roughly.

"Oh yes Darren that feels so good." She moaned.

I looked at her as I massaged her tits and realised that it would be so easy for me to put my hands around her throat and squeeze, until she was unconscious, but I just couldn't do it. Maybe she had already got me believing that I would be better off, and happier, here with her. She was, after all, the first woman I had been with since I had to start wearing the callipers.

Rachel continued to bounce wildly on my cock as orgasm after orgasm tore through her body, covering my cock in her sweet juices. I let my hands drop from her tits and gripped her waist and began to thrust in and out of her as she rode my cock like it was one of those bucking bronco machines. I knew I wouldn't be long until I came and held her waist tighter, hoping to slow her down, but it didn't help at all and soon I felt the first stream of cum explode from the end of my cock, deep into her pussy.

"Yes Darren Yes give it all to me." Rachel gasped as she continued to bounce wildly on my cock.

Jet after jet of my white milky liquid pumped from the end of my cock into her, more than I thought would be possible, as she screamed out with one final earth shattering orgasm. I took my hands away from her body and Rachel quickly lifted herself off my cock, our mixed juices running down the inside of her thighs, and lay down next to me. 

"I think things are going to work out just fine." She said running her fingers all over my chest. "And tomorrow morning I shall have your list of tasks ready."

Then she sat up, chained my hands back to the bed, walked out of the room and shut the door as she went. All I could do was lie there as I wondered exactly what tasks she would come up with. I knew that they wouldn't be pleasant, or easy, because she was the sort of person that seemed to like to see others suffer.




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