Thursday, 22 March 2012

Chapter 4 of The Beach

For regular visitors to The Crypt you will know that I am currently writing a new piece of fiction based on the above picture. So far I have posted three chapters here and, because I like you all so much I have decided to post the fourth.

However as much as I like you this will be the last chapter I post though. 


By the time I woke up half the morning had already passed, and Chris was no longer next to me. Hoping he hadn’t left during the night I hurriedly swung my legs off the edge of the bed, stood up, slipped on a pair of trousers and left the bedroom. Stopping at the bathroom, to have a piss, I listened carefully and heard movement coming from downstairs. Although I expected, hoped, that it was Chris I wasn’t taking any chances and headed towards where the noise was loudest.
Pushing open the kitchen door quietly I was shocked to find Chris, fully dressed, busily cooking a full English breakfast.
“Morning lazy bones,” he called over his shoulder, never taking his eyes off the frying pan full of bacon n the cooker in front of him.
“Morning Chris,” I replied. “What on earth are you up to?”
“After last night, and your kindness towards me, I thought breakfast was the least I could do,” he responded. “I hope you don’t mind.”
The tone in his voice, as he added the last bit, dropped and he sounded slightly afraid. It was as if he thought I was going to explode or something because he had helped himself without asking.
“Of course I don’t mind,” I said walking towards him and wrapping my arms around his waist. “It’s a long time since I have actually had breakfast with anybody.”
“It’s just that Jimmy...” He began before I interrupted him.
“Sssh Chris I told you last night you no longer have to worry about Jimmy,” I said turning him to face me. “And I meant it.”
Leaning forward I kissed him lightly on the cheek, to reassure him that everything was fine.
“You best get on anyway,” I said. “Before you burn the bacon.”
“You go and sit in the front room,” Chris responded. “I’ll call you when it’s done.”
Turning to leave the kitchen I was surprised when Chris slapped my ass, surprised but pleasantly turned on by it, and as I headed into the front room a smile began to form on my lips. Hopefully he will be okay here alone when we have eaten I thought to myself. I need to find out what I can about Jimmy before he does find him.
Sitting on the sofa I picked up my laptop, switched it on and after making sure Chris was still busy, searched the internet for the local newspaper. Once the main page popped into view I stared at the screen for a couple of minutes, reading about what had gone on over the last week, before typing the word archive in to the search box. Listening for Chris’ call from the kitchen I waited while the machine loaded up a screen full of sub-headings, clicked on the one that I thought might be the most helpful, waited for the next screen to appear and once it did typed in the word Jimmy.
I knew it was going to be a long shot finding the right person, as I only knew his first name, but thought it was worth a shot. A long list of headlines scrolled down the page, all beginning with the word Jimmy, and I was just about to begin scouring the list for instances of violence when the kitchen door opened.
“Breakfast is ready Adam,” Chris said poking his head into the front room. “How many sugars do you take with your coffee?”
“Just one please,” I replied closing the laptop and putting it down before heading in to the kitchen.
Once I sat down Chris put the plate in front of me, and I stared at the mountain of food before me. Three sausages, three slices of bacon, baked beans, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, two fried eggs, hash browns and four slices of black pudding covered the plate and that was before Chris also put a plate of fried bread on the table between the pair of us.
“Hope everything’s okay,” he said sitting down opposite me.
“It looks amazing,” I replied picking up mu knife and fork. “By the way Chris what are your plans for today?”
“I haven’t got any why?” He replied.
“It’s just that I have to go out for a while to the bank and if you are going to stay, which I hope you do, get some more shopping,” I sort of lied.
It was true to a point, I would need extra supplies if he was going to stay, but I also needed to see a couple of friends I had made since my release and see if they could shed any light on Jimmy, and if anyone could find out anything it was them. They had also spent quite a bit of time in prison, a lot more than me, and they had contacts on both the inside and outside.
“Would you like me to come with you?” Chris asked.
“I’d prefer you to stay here,” I replied. “I’m not being funny but if Jimmy is as bad as you say he is it would be best if he thought that you were no longer in the picture, at least for a little while longer.”
Chris’ face dropped but he accepted what I had said and promised to wait until I got back.
“Okay just promise you won’t be gone hours,” he said.
“I’ll be no more than two hours,” I said trying to reassure him. “Three at the most you just make yourself at home and don’t open the door, or answer the telephone, under any circumstances.”
“Trust me I won’t.”
We spent the next half an hour in silence, just eating our breakfasts, only occasionally glancing at each other until we had both cleared our plates.
“That was excellent Chris,” I said.
“I’m glad you enjoyed it,” he replied. “Why don’t you go and get what you need to done, I’ll clean all the pots and the kitchen up?”
“Are you sure?” I asked. “I mean you did do all the cooking after all the least I could do is help you tidy up.”
“I’m sure besides it will occupy my time while you’re not here,” Chris insisted. “Go on you go just don’t be too long if you can help it.”
“Okay I’ll see you as soon as I can then,” I said standing up and leaning over the table to kiss him lightly on the lips. “And I meant it, that breakfast was perfect thanks.”
Walking out of the kitchen I picked up my keys, wallet and mobile phone from the small hallway table before opening the front door.
“Won’t be long,” I call over my shoulder as I walked out into the late morning sun, before pulling the door shut behind me.
 I walked up the road, glancing behind me to make sure Chris hadn’t followed me out of mine, and took my mobile phone from my pocket. I opened the address book, scanned through my contacts until I found the name I was looking for, and dialled the number. Finally, after I began to think who I was ringing had changed their number, a deep voice answered.
“Yeah who’s this?”
“Gabe it’s Adam I need a favour,” I replied.
Gabe was Gabriel Valentine, recently paroled armed robber, ex gangland enforcer and one of the toughest men I had ever met.
“Adam you son of a bitch,” Gabe barked gruffly into my ear. “How the fuck are you? Settling back into life on the outside okay?”
“I’m good thanks,” I replied. “How are you doing?”
“Yeah mate I’m good,” Gabe answered. “Anyway to what do I owe the honour of this phone call?”
“I need to find out some information about someone,” I said coming straight to the point. “And I need it quick.”
“How quick?”
“Like yesterday quick.”
“Fuck man you ain’t gone and got yourself into trouble again have you?” Gabe asked with a chuckle.
“Not me no but a friend has,” I said.
“Tell me the name and I’ll see what I can find out,” Gabe said.
“Thanks Gabe I owe you for this,” I said. “All I can tell you is that the guy lives somewhere around these parts and goes by the name of Jimmy.”
For a few seconds the phone went deathly silent, and I wondered if one of us had lost our signal, but eventually Gabe’s voice crackled down to my ear again.
“Jimmy? You don’t mean Jimmy Black do you?”
“Honestly Gabe I don’t know what his last name is,” I said. “All I know is that he tried to kill someone I care about and I want to find him.”
“Trust me Adam if it is Jimmy Black my advice to you is to walk away, quickly.”
“Why who is he?” I asked.
“Look I think the first thing you need to do is find out if we are talking about the same Jimmy,” Gabe said. “And if we are call me back and I’ll explain everything.”
With that the phone went dead and I was left standing on the street staring into the handset. All I knew was that if Gabe didn’t want to talk about this guy he must be bad news, and Chris had been luckier to survive than he may have realised. Deciding that I would feel a lot better if Chris was actually with me I headed back towards my home.

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