Saturday, 10 March 2012

Brand new fiction

The picture above was posted on Facebook yesterday (Friday) by Jodi Olson with the comment 'Everytime I see this photo I think there must be some story there.' So taking the lead from my blog competitions I have taken the picture and began to create my version of the story I imagine from the picture. I hope you all enjoy what I have come up with so far and if you do, or don't, please leave a comment and let me know.

At first I didn’t pay much attention to the rope by the water’s edge, after all everyday something new was washed up on the shore, but as I got closer to it I could tell that this hadn’t just come from the ocean. The loose knots in the rope said that this had been used to tie someone up, that much I could ascertain from my little interest in bondage, yet there was no-one around nor were there any footprints.
Bending down I picked up the rope and looked at it closely. Apart from it being soaking wet, obviously due to the tide washing over it, I noticed feint red blood spatter around the knots. My stomach tightened and I looked out at the water, fearing for the safety of whoever had been tied by the rope, but I couldn’t see anyone, or hear anything thanks to the waves that crashed onto the beach just in front of me which seemed to be getting larger with each new one.
If someone had been dumped here whoever did it obviously hoped that the tide would come in and take them away before anyone could stumble across their victim yet the fact that the knots were loose, as well as the blood on the rope, suggested that the victim, whoever that was, had managed to struggle free and escape their fate.
Surely if someone had freed themselves from this rope there would be footprints on the beach somewhere, the tide didn’t usually come far enough up to wipe out all traces of activity, but looking all around I saw none. Taking a deep breath, and feeling really uneasy about the situation, I heard myself call out towards the ocean.
“HELLO!!!” I called out as loud as I could, hoping that if there was anyone out there they would hear me. “IS THERE ANYONE OUT THERE IN TROUBLE?”
Listening as carefully as I could, trying to pick up any sound other than the waves, I waited for a second or two before calling out again.
Nothing. No cries for help. No anguished screams. There was just silence, and the damn waves. Normally I would have left it at that, took the rope to the police and forgot about it but for some reason something was eating away at my insides, something that told me someone really was in trouble and did need help.
As I stared out to the vast ocean something suddenly glinted in the corner of my eyes and, instinctively, I turned my head in the direction where it had come from. A few hundred yards away were some rocks and, as I stared at them, I saw another flash of light and started to sprint towards them. Running wasn’t my strongest attribute, although I did keep myself fairly fit, and I was quickly gasping for air. My lungs felt like they were going to explode but all I could think was that someone was in danger, and they needed help.
After a couple of minutes I reached the rocks and began to scramble over them, their wetness making keeping a safe footing difficult, and that was when I saw what had been glinting in my eyes. Bending down I picked up the broken piece of glass, which had obviously been left by the groups of youths that sometimes frequented the beach for nights of drinking, dope smoking and sex, and cursed. All that running for a piece off fucking glass I thought to myself before going to turn around and head back when I saw something else I had never known about.
In between the rocks that I was on and the ones that were further away still there was a small beach-like area and I carefully began to make my way over the rocks towards it. Maybe whoever had been tied up had somehow made it over there I thought to myself. Hurriedly I made my way down the rocks, dropped into the shallow water and waded towards the sand. Once on the beach I looked around and noticed something else for the first time, something that I would never have guessed to be here.
At the back of the beach, where the rocks rose high once again, I saw what looked to be a hole carved into the stone. Walking forward I saw that hole hadn’t been carved into the rock at all but was, in fact, a natural cave. Looking around, to make sure I was alone, I walked up to the entrance and peered into the darkness.
Although deeper than I imagined it would be it wasn’t too deep for the light from outside to let me see all the way to the back, and I headed cautiously in. With each step forward the floor of the cave turned from sand to rock, became more uneven, the light from outside dimmed and I had to take extra care not to trip or slip. I took another half a dozen steps further into the cave when I put my foot down onto the edge of a stone and stumbled forward.
“FUCK!!!” I called out reaching forward to maintain my balance, my voice echoing around the enclosed space, and that was when I heard something else.
Stopping in my tracks I listened carefully and what I heard made me realize that I wasn’t alone in the cave. Stones rolling over the hard floor and a gasp from the darkness told me that I had found someone. Whether it was the person who had been bound and dumped on the beach, or someone else, I didn’t know but I put myself on guard and tensed my body just in case they leapt at me from out of the darkness.
“Who’s there?” I called out squinting to the back of the cave. “Are you okay?”
“FUCK OFF!!!” a male voice called back. “LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE.”
“Hey calm down,” I said. “I just wanted to see if you were alright.”
“DON’T FUCKING LIE,” the voice shouted back. “HE FUCKING SENT YOU DIDN’T HE?”
“Who’s he?” I called back.
“I swear I don’t know what you are going on about,” I replied slowly inching my way forward, towards where the voice was coming from.
“How can I believe you?” the male asked no longer shouting.
“You’ve just got to trust me,” I called back as I took another two steps.
“If he didn’t send you how did you know where to find me?”
He had a point. Before I had set foot on the sand outside the cave I had never knew this place existed, and he obviously assumed no-one knew about it either.
“Look all I can tell you is that I found a rope, with blood on it, on the beach and was worried someone had been hurt.”
“I’m fine,” he replied. “Just go back and tell Jimmy that you couldn’t find me.”
“Who the fuck is Jimmy?” I asked. “I don’ know anyone called Jimmy.”
“Are you sure?”
The man’s voice sounded different and I could tell that he was starting to believe me.
“Look come out of wherever you are, let me see that you are okay and you will then see I’m not lying.”
“If you are I’ll fucking kill you,” the man said.
“I’m not.”
Staring into the darkness, my eyes a lot more used to the light by now, I saw the man walk from behind a couple of large rocks and gasped. Standing before me with his head bowed was the most gorgeous man I had ever seen, and he was naked. Unable to help myself I stared at his naked form, his golden hair matted and dirty, his skin dry and filthy and there were red marks on his wrists and ankles, which I assumed were from the rope I found.
Stepping forward I pulled my t-shirt over my head and offered it to him. I know it wasn’t much but it was better than nothing, he looked freezing, god knows how long he had been hiding in this cave. Gingerly he took my top and pulled it over his own head and as he did I couldn’t help but stare at his naked cock. It looked about seven inches long, fairly thick and uncut and as I stared I felt my own start to stiffen underneath my shorts.
“Come on we need to get you out of here, get you cleaned up and find you some clothes,” I said averting my gaze hoping my own hardness would soften before it became too obvious. “Then you can tell me what the fuck happened to you.”
“How can I leave here?” He asked. “What if he is watching?”
“Trust me there’s no-one going to be watching,” I said trying to reassure him. “And my beach house is only ten or fifteen minutes away.”
I turned and began to walk back towards the cave entrance, glancing over my shoulder to make sure he was following, and back out into the daylight.
“By the way I’m Adam,” I said. “What do I call you?”
“Chris,” came the reply.
“Pleased to meet you Chris,” I said trying to relax him as he still seemed very frightened.
“You aren’t a friend of Jimmy’s are you?” Chris asked.
“No I’m not that I can promise you,” I replied.
“That’s okay then.”
The two of us made our way across the beach, back over the rocks and began to head towards my house. Luckily there still weren’t that many people about and, apart from a couple of close calls, we eventually arrived back at mine. Once inside I closed, and locked, the door before leading Chris to the bathroom.
“Get in the shower and get yourself cleaned up, I’ll go and see what I can find for you to wear,” I told him before turning away and heading towards my bedroom.
Pulling the door to behind me I heard the shower turned on and paused for a second. Apart from the state he was in Chris’ body was perfect, not muscular but not scrawny either, and as for his cock I could only describe that as the most beautiful cock I had ever seen and I would do anything to actually get hold of it and feel it in my hands, mouth and ass. Pushing the thought to the back of my mind I headed into my room, found a t-shirt and pair of tracksuit bottoms, that I no longer wore and took them back to the bathroom.
Pushing the door open slowly I peered in, to make sure Chris was in the shower, before entering and placing the clothes down next to the hand basin quietly. Turning to leave the bathroom I saw Chris’ outline through the frosted glass and stood for a couple of seconds, imagining that I was in there with him, before heading out and towards the kitchen.
Putting the kettle on I got two mugs out, put coffee and sugar in one, just coffee in the other then opened the freezer. Being single there wasn’t a lot in there, just a handful of ready meals, a bag of fries and a couple of ten inch pizzas. Taking out one of the pizzas and the fires I turned the oven and deep fat fryer on, and waited until they were hot enough before placing the pizza in the oven. The fries only took five minutes, so they didn’t need to go in just yet, so I headed back towards the bathroom and knocked on the door.
“Yes,” Chris answered.
“It’s only me,” I replied. “I’ve left you some clothes in there and I am making something to eat, I hope you will join me.”
“Thanks that’s really good of you,” Chris called back.
“No problem,” I said. “It will be about fifteen minutes.”
I walked away again, back to the kitchen, and got two plates, two knives and two forks out and put them down on the small table. Dropping the fries into the fryer I checked the pizza, saw that it would be another five minutes and was about to sit down when Chris walked in to the kitchen.
“Thanks for letting me use your shower Adam,” he said.
“No problem,” I replied staring at him in the clothes I had chose for him.
The t-shirt was a size or two small and very tight across his chest and the tracksuit trousers were a little short. A smile crossed my lips as I stared at him before I turned away and lifted the fries from the fryer, splitting them over the two plates and then, took the pizza from the oven. Cutting it in half I placed one piece on each plate before asking if he took sugar in his coffee, and making the drinks. The two of us then sat down and began to eat with Chris eating as though he hadn’t seen food for days. 

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That's fantastic love. What a great job and taking from the picture. Keep going - I love this one