Sunday, 11 March 2012

Brand new fiction (Chapter 2)

Once we were both finished I led Chris into the front room, taking our coffees with us, and offered him a seat. As he lowered himself onto the sofa I sat in the armchair opposite him, and took a sip from my drink.
“So Chris do you want to tell me what the fuck is going on?” I asked. “And who the fuck is Jimmy?”
“Jimmy is one of my exes,” Chris said. “He is also extremely jealous, violent and not someone you want to mess with.”
“So how did you end up in that cave naked?” I asked.
“A month ago I ended our relationship, due to his jealousy, got my own apartment and a new job.”
“And I take it he took it badly?”
“Badly is one way of putting it,” Chris said. “He thought I was seeing someone else, which I wasn’t, and jumped m a couple of nights ago.”
“Go on,” I said disliking this Jimmy more and more with each passing second.
“He begged me to go back to him, promising me that he would change, and took me out like he used to when we first got together,” Chris continued. “Then we went back to his, made love and he asked me to go back to him.”
“I am guessing you said no.”
“I was going to say yes but something about the way he started to look at me scared me, so I told him I couldn’t.” Chris said. “He then asked me of having a new boyfriend, called me all sorts of derogatory names, pounced on top of me, overpowered me and tied me with that rope.”
“That explains the rope and your nakedness but not why you were in that cave,” I said.
“Being overpowered and tied up were the last things I remember before waking up on the beach, with the tide lapping against my face.” Chris said tears welling up in his eyes. “I fought like a demon to release myself from the rope and then just swam around the rocks out of sight. Finding the cave was a bonus I hadn’t counted on, but I was grateful that I did.”
“I bet you were,” I said. “So what are you going to do now?”
“I guess I’ll have to sell my apartment and move as far away as possible with the money I get,” he said. “Otherwise, if he finds out he didn’t kill me, he will only come after me again.”
“What about the police?” I asked.
“What about them?” Chris responded. “Like I said Jimmy is someone you don’t mess with, even the police know that.”
“Surely there’s something you can do,” I said.
“Other than go back to him and put up with his behaviour there isn’t.”
“Well you are welcome to stay here until you get sorted,” I offered.
“Thanks Adam but I couldn’t,” Chris said. “What if Jimmy found out?”
“Well as he probably thinks you’re dead he isn’t going to be looking for you and as I have never even heard of him he won’t think of coming here to look if he finds out you aren’t,” I said.
“Thanks Adam I don’t know what to say.”
“Just say you’ll stay,” I said before getting up, picking up our cups, heading into the kitchen and putting the kettle on again. “Fancy another coffee?”
As I stood in the kitchen, waiting for the kettle, I started to picture Chris’ naked body again and began to imagine the taste of his hard cock in my mouth as I sucked him off. I turned to stare out of the window as my mind raced, my cock stiffening rapidly, and I didn’t hear Chris enter the kitchen behind me.
“Is everything okay Adam?” He asked catching me by surprise. “You’re not already regretting asking me to stay are you?”
I spun round to face him and tried to clear my mind of the thoughts I was having but, seeing the smile form on his lips as his eyes caught sight of the bulge in my trousers, knew that I had been busted.
“How’s the coffee coming along?” He asked the smile on his lips never wavering.
“Sorry I was miles away,” I lied. “Let me pour it.”
I turned my back to Chris and picked up the kettle, only to feel him place his hands on my hips. For a second I froze, before turning back to face him.
“What are you doing Chris?” I asked our faces only inches apart.
“Thanking you for rescuing me,” he replied. “And don’t tell me you don’t want to I’m not blind.”
Before I had a chance to respond Chris placed his hands back on my hips, pulled me close to his body, moved his head towards mine and lightly brushed his lips against mine. As soon as I smelt the deodorant on his body, the one I always use and the one I always buy my lovers, I went weak at the knees. Inhaling deeply, the stiffness in my trousers increasing rapidly, I wrapped my arms around Chris and responded to his kiss with one of my own.
As we stood there, our arms around each other’s bodies, we stared into each other’s eyes and smiled before our kissing began again, this time with a lot more passion. I closed my eyes as my tongue entered Chris’s mouth and began to entwine with his and, as I pulled him as close to my body as I could, my hard cock pressed against his growing stiffness and I almost came there and then.
I already knew that he was bigger and thicker than me, after all I had seen him in all his glory in the beach cave, I just didn’t realize by how much. The largest cock I had ever taken before was eight inches long and I had only just been able to wrap my fingers around that, there was no way I would be able to do that with Chris’ cock. Unperturbed I slowly moved my right hand from around his back, moving it in between us, and let it come to a stop on his thickness.
Gasping into his mouth I began to massage his cock through the tracksuit trousers I had given him, and as I did I swore it grew even more. Unable to control myself any longer I moved my hand again, this time slipping it inside the top of his trousers, and tried to wrap my fingers around his shaft. Unsurprisingly my fingers wouldn’t encircle him completely, but judging by the sound of the moan coming from Chris’s mouth he didn’t seem to mind, and I began to move my hand up and down the full length of his shaft slowly.
“Adam not here, not like this,” Chris moaned reaching down and grabbing my hand, stopping my movements.
Shocked I pulled my hand away from his cock and out of his trousers, only for him to take hold of it, lead me through my own house to my bedroom and close the door behind us.
“This is much better,” Chris said pulling his, my, t-shirt over his head, dropping it to the floor and then gripping the waistband of his trousers, but I stopped him.
“Let me Chris,” I said falling to my knees in front of him, brushing his hands to the side and hooking my own fingers into the waistband.
Slowly I started to ease the tracksuit trousers over his hips, freeing his still rock hard cock, down his legs and eventually completely off. Staring at his cock I lifted my hand and ran my fingers up and down the full length of his shaft which must have been nine, maybe even ten at a push, inches long. Gently I placed my fingers on the top of his shaft, curled my thumb on the underside, and began to stroke him once again.
“That feels so good Adam,” Chris moaned as I slowly began to build up speed.
“Hopefully this will feel better,” I said as I moved my head forward and ran my tongue over the swollen purple head of his cock.
As I continue to stroke his cock I ran my tongue down the underside of it, and over his heavy, swollen balls, before slowly making my way back up and over his glans. Chris shivered as my tongue flicked expertly over him and I opened my mouth as wide as I could and slowly lowered my head. My lips closed around him as soon as I had his massive head in my mouth and I slowly started to suck him, reaching up to play with his balls as I did so.
I could hear Chris’ breathing getting faster and more erratic and sucked him even harder, hoping to make him cum. My increased efforts worked because I quickly felt his balls tighten in my hand, his legs began to tremble and he placed one hand on the top of my head firmly so I didn’t pull away, not that there was any chance of me doing that anyway.
Desperately wanting him to cum, desperate to taste his seed, I sucked him even faster and soon felt his cock twitch in my mouth. After one final suck Chris began to cum, his seed exploding into my mouth forcefully, almost causing me to choke. Greedily I swallowed his thick, white, slightly salty seed as fast as I could, Chris continuing to cum as quickly as I could swallow. His cock must have twitched about ten times, each twitch releasing a little less cum than the one before, until he was completely drained.
As I swallowed the last of his cum I glanced up, his cock still in my mouth, and saw that he was looking down at me with a smile on his face.
“That was beautiful Adam,” he said his breathing slowly returning to normal. “Stand up for me.”
Taking his hand from my head he offered me his hand and, as I took it, pull me to my feet. Thinking he wanted to kiss me again I moved my head forward but he stopped me, placing his hand on my chest. I was about to ask if everything was alright when he gripped the bottom of my top and, slowly, began to lift it over my head. Once I was topless Chris bent his head and flicked his tongue over both of my nipples, causing them to stiffen instantly. Lifting his head back up to look at me, a smile on his face, he began to run his hand slowly down my chest and over my stomach.
Letting his hand pause at the top of my jeans I was astonished when they just fell to the floor, I hadn’t even felt him undoing them and my boxers quickly followed. Only then did he pull me towards him and as our naked bodies touched for the first time it felt like a surge of electricity shot through me. Our lips met and as we stood there completely naked we kissed passionately, my hands gripping his ass and his doing the same to mine.
“Make love to me Adam,” Chris said softly almost pleadingly.
“Are you sure it’s what you really want?” I asked not wanting him to feel obligated to do anything just because I was letting him stay.
“More than anything,” he said. “Because I believe that is exactly what you will do, make love not fuck.”
Taking his hand I turned him to the bed and held him as he lowered himself down. Once he was sitting on the edge of the bed I turned to the nightstand, opened the drawer and removed a condom and tube of lubrication. As I went to tear the packet open Chris took it from me, rolled onto his stomach and lifted his ass.
Opening the lube I squeezed a large dollop onto his ass and began to rub it in, making sure his tight hole was completely covered, and then Chris reached back to me and handed me the, now open, condom. Pinching the end of it I placed it on the tip of my cock and, using my free hand, rolled it down the full length of my shaft. Once I was happy with the way it felt I placed my hands on Chris’ ass cheeks and parted them gently, exposing his tightness, and started to push gently against him.
It didn’t take too long for the swollen head of my cock to penetrate his ass, Chris letting out a small gasp as it did, and I slowly started to push forward. Inch after inch went further into him, my balls quickly slapping against his ass, and only then did I start to thrust my hips back and forth. Chris gasped at every forward thrust and I felt his ass tighten around my cock, giving me the experience of an even tighter hole than I was already in. My thrusts became faster, harder, and I quickly felt myself reaching the point of no return.
Sweat poured out of my pores, dripping from my forehead onto the crack at the top of Chris’ ass, as I continued to thrust as fast and as hard as I could and I soon felt my balls begin to tighten. Gasping I gripped Chris tightly and drove my cock fully into him hard once more, as my cock twitching violently deep inside him and I began to cum. Chris gasped at the first twitch and pushed his ass back onto my cock. Twitch after twitch from my cock released more and more cum into the condom I was wearing, until I was completely spent, and had nothing more to give.
Slowly pulling my cock from his ass I wrapped my hand around the base of my shaft, to make sure the condom stayed in place, until I was fully free from his tightness. As soon as I was I removed the condom, tied it in a knot, wrapped it in a tissue from the box I kept on the nightstand and threw it in the waste bin that was next to the bed.
As soon as I had disposed of the condom I turned towards Chris, smiled, and lay down next to him, placing my arm over his chest as I did so.
“I was right,” Chris said staring into my eyes.
“What about?” I asked puzzled.
“That you would make love not fuck,” he said. “It was perfect, you are perfect.”
Turning onto his side to face me I saw a solitary tear in his left eye.
“What’s wrong Chris?” I asked.
“What about Jimmy?” Was all he said before holding me tightly and pulling me as close to him as he could.

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