Sunday, 23 October 2011

Short Erotica Sunday featuring Penny Peterssen

Today The Crypt is proud, and excited, to present the first Short Erotica Sunday. Each Sunday I shall be posting a short piece of erotic fiction by either myself or, if anyone would like to contribute, a guest for you to devour.

Guests authors are allowed to contribute either something totally new or, if they prefer, an erotic excerpt from a WIP or a book that is already out and, if that is the case, include a cover, small synopsis, author page and any buy links, if you have them.

Now normally inside The Crypt there are NO rules but for Short Erotica Sunday I must make a couple, I'm sorry, and they are. 

1: As with all erotic fiction the stories must NOT contain anything that is illegal i.e. paedophilia, necrophilia or bestiality.

2: The stories must contain an element of erotica but how much is up to each individual author.

Now on to today's piece, which this week is being brought to you by Penny Peterssen or, as some of you may know her, Vampirique Dezire.

I arrive at the Crypt at the pre-arranged time. There is a big round brass ring hanging from a bat’s mouth on the large carved door. Hovering until I can reach it, I lift the ring and let it fall back against the wood resulting in a resounding knock that I can hear echo throughout the stone edifice. I stand there waiting for him to open the door but nobody appears. Pushing gently on the door, my nose twitches as I smell the musty odor that is mixed with his smell and the smell of blood. It stirs my loins, making my nipples harden.

I walk through the rooms, admiring the d├ęcor.  They are clean and nothing is out of place. If you stand still you can feel the essence of all the souls that he has brought here before me. I wonder what it was he did with them, did they enjoy it, did they scream out in fear or did they scream out in passion. As I continue to explore the rooms of his crypt, I run my finger tips along the walls, feeling the resonance of moans coming through them and then I know that their screams were ones of passion.

Entering a chamber, I know this is where he sleeps. A black highly polished coffin built for two is situated in the middle of the room. The interior is covered in black and red silk and looks so inviting. I slip off my black fur lined cloak, letting it fall to the ground in a pool of fabric around my feet. I want him to know I am here if he comes back to his chamber and hope he will come looking for me. Giggling at what his reaction will be when he sees my cloak lying on the ground, not hung up on the stand.

Continuing on, I find a doorway dominating one wall and there is an aura around it that sends shivers down my spine. Unable to resist I push the door open on its iron hinges, and enter, marveling at the size of the chamber. A few candles splutter their protest at the slight breeze that disturbs their flames, creating shadows upon the rough hewn walls.

Walking around the circumference of the room, I am impressed with the variety of shackles and cuffs he has hanging on the walls and I lick my blood red lips in anticipation of what could be done when one is cuffed to them. A variety of floggers and whips are lined up according to size on part of wall and in front of it there is a bench with fur lined wrist and ankle cuffs attached. The bench is designed so as the person who is cuffed to it will be laying face down with their legs spread and ass high up in the air.

I run a finger along the smooth surface imaging what it would feel like against my naked skin as I run a hand down from my bare shoulder, across my breasts covered in a tightly laced red corset.  Over my rounded tummy, coming to rest on my lace covered mound, my juices already starting to seep through. The feel of my fingers just brushing against my lips hidden in my panties causes my body to shudder with longing.

As I continue to explore the chamber, the only sound that can be heard over the thudding of my pulse is the click clack of the heels of my boots that come up mid thigh, showing only a brief glimpse of my black stockings that are connected to my corset. I spy a frame in the shape of an X towards the back of the room and my breath catches in my throat. This is becoming too good to be true. I become weak in the knees at the thought of being at his mercy in here. I lean against the cross, the chill of the wood seeping through the back of my corset and panties. Closing my eyes I can imagine myself strapped to this while he wields a whip across my body, flinching involuntarily at each imagined thwack against my skin.

Dragging myself away, I walk to the center of the room and find a four poster bed covered in soft linens and furs. Crawling onto the bed I recline on my back and draw one leg up, leaning it slightly across the other. My long black hair has fanned out underneath my head. Skin the color of porcelain glowing softly in the candle light. My nipples ache for his touch, my pussy throbs to feel him buried deep inside, stretching me open to accommodate his girth. Sensuously I move about on the bed, hoping he will arrive soon.

A barely audible noise makes me smile, the points of my pearly white teeth as they descend in my mouth gleams in the light of the candles. I can hear him moving towards the bed like a cat stalking its victim and that is what I am…his victim!

I feel him as he kneels on the bed, his lips but a breath away from my own. Just as our lips meet, I breathe out just two words… my Morbius.

Thank you Penny/ Vampirique for your wonderfully erotic piece, it certainly caused something from within The Crypt to rise.

So until next Sunday, and another instalment of Short Erotica Sunday, this is Julez S. Morbius saying: Remember to keep your necks clean, you never know when I shall come calling.




Vampirique Dezire said...

Thank you so much for having me in The Crypt today, I have very much enjoyed my time and would love to come back and see what else I can make rise in The Crypt *wink*

*bites n kisses*

gemma parkes said...

Oh loved it! I was with her all the way! Sexy!

Tessa said...

Holy moly *feels faint* I'm wondering what I *ahem* I mean Tessa, would do in the middle of all that... at the mercy of two insatiably sexy creatures of the night... *whew* amazing writing :-)

Kathleen Grieve said...

Loved the vivid imagery of the description of the Crypt! Wonderful use Of all the senses! I enjoyed reading this very much!!

An Open Book said...

What a visual to have in one's mind...and the breathless ending of those two words...very dramatic and a spectacular way to end the scene- hope Part 2 is forthcoming.


Cassandre Dayne said...

I need to play with you my creature of the night - will you allow me into your wicked worlds?

vampiremorbius said...

All are welcome into The Crypt Cass. I would be honoured if you joined me

Naughty Nights Press (NNP); Gina Kincade; Mistress Journals said...

Now that was freaking sizzling! *wanders off to look inher toy box*

Pablo Michaels said...

Vampirique you wrote this so well with the descriptions and your anticipation for gratification from Morbius. I almost thought this piece was incestuous, but read through the lines and find your great writing. Very well done.

Iris Deorre said...

Written brilliantly, love the imagery, I could see it in my minds eyes. I loved it!