Monday, 24 October 2011

The Blog Of Blood: SAW

Welcome Creatures of the Night welcome to the first day of this week's Blog of Blood. Starting today and not finishing until Halloween The Crypt is going to be awash with the blood of horror movies. Each dat The Blog of Blood will feature a different movie with a short clip, the movie's theme tune and images from the movie.

Today's movie first appeared 7 years ago at around this time of the year, was the first in a series of 7 films, and it introduced us to the twisted mind of Johnathan Kramer the man who became known as Jigsaw.



With a dead body laying between them, two men wake up in the secure lair of a serial killer who's been nicknamed "Jigsaw". The men must follow various rules and objectives if they wish to survive and win the deadly game set for them.

Until tomorrow this is Julez S Morbius saying Keep your necks clean you never know when I'll come calling



Vampirique Dezire said...

I should have known you would choose Saw lmfao

*bites n kisses*

Pablo Michaels said...

I hope I don't watch these movies the shape I'm in. The Saw and Blood get me paranoid. Great post .