Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Sex and the Single Male pt 7

Sex and the Single Male pt 7

Inflatable sex dolls

Part 7 of my series about sex toys for single males is the first of a two part blog and brings me to the inflatable sex doll, and the cheaper end of the market. 

To be honest, there is not a lot I can really say about this item, other than it is exactly what the title says, an inflatable doll made especially to lick, fuck or suck. Coming in either female, male or even transsexual the dolls are equipped for everything the single male needs.

The female doll usually has three holes, representing mouth, pussy and ass. Most of the dolls are modelled on stars of the adult entertainment industry and, depending on the doll, inflate so more realistic positions are obtainable i.e. the Jezebel Ryding Doggie Style Sex Doll, when inflated, has a bent knee position which is perfect for doggie style, reverse cowgirl, on top straddling and sideways spooning positions. The dolls also come in the full range of ethnic groups, from European to Asia to Indian to African, to cater for man’s varied tastes.

The male sex doll comes with open mouth, tight ass and either a detachable vibrating cock or a non vibrating one. They also come in the full range of ethnicities.

Two of the dolls sold at www.lovehoney.co.uk are totally different, and one is even out of this world.

The first of these is the Area 51 Alien Sex doll, an inflatable doll with willing pussy where the mouth should be, three firm tits, dual fingerable ears, tight firm pussy and succulent ass.

The second doll is the She-Male Transsexual Love Doll. This doll comes with everything you could want in a woman, plus something a little extra. As well as penetrable ass and mouth this doll also comes with a detachable cock that is impressively veiny and is detailed with a pulled back foreskin. The cock is detachable and the doll can be used with any dildo with a 2-3 inch base.


An Open Book said...

Hmm- they actually make these- I had always thought of them as an urban legend, that is until I started doing adult toy reviews myself.

Men need self-gratification and pleasure and I am thrilled to see the adult toy companies meeting the needs of the males out there.

Julez- you do a great job with you explanations, descriptions and analogy of every product I've seen in this blog series.
Dawne P

Rawiya said...

Ah the love doll.

I have a story I want to write regarding this. :D

One day.

Great explanations, VM. I'm enjoying these!